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Let's see, what should I put in an ?
I'm in my thirties, live in , , and like and and and . I run an occasional round, the system is (English version of the German )
I'm a , but I don't talk about tech here much and definitely don't prosetylize about OS or programming language choice.
Stuff I mention here includes and .
I'm on the spectrum. Pronoun she or they.

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@Anke - Ankə 🌱
main account. Chatting, daily life, ,

@Anke - Anke 🦉[birb]
, ,

@Anke - Anke ✏️[art]
, , , maybe if I actually get back to it.

I mostly use this to look up stuff on the and tags to boost to :P

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Iii wanna hug somebody
I wanna cuddle up with somebody
Yeah I wanna hug somebody
Hug somebody who loves me.

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Can anyone recommend a good but cheap android tablet? I may need one for doing work video conference calls since the app my team uses doesn't work in my OS of choice.

(Also, a tablet means I can pace while on calls)

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A reminder that bumblebee bats are the cutest and sweetest and best. <3333 (actually I adore all bats and especially vampire ones)

#bat #bats #cute #smol

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I'm so proud of my design and how it was actualized! It took months of back and forth, but it's finally just as adorable as I conceptualized and I can't wait to have it with me at the gaming table. #critrole #critters #criticalrole #dungeonsanddragons #dnd #tabletopgaming

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Writing software needed, if anyone knows anything? pls boost Show more

Now I have sewing thread to go with all three colours of jersey I have in my stash. Maybe I'll get to trying to sew a T-shirt before turning 40, after all

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writing related straw poll: What topic should I run a flash ficiton prompt call on?

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Poor Tully. Clucky Miranda has put the wing over and made her a stand in chick.

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My desk owl got a buddy now.

Good habit I don't have: reliably every morning putting on a belt before I leave...

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@Anke It does look like a Metroid, but this is from Hollow Knight.

You're thinking of these boys~

A good habit I have: Leaving my phone somewhere that means I would have to get up out of bed to look at it, to make sure I don't get stuck looking at my phone instead of going to sleep in the evening, or instead of getting up in the morning.
A good habit I don't have yet: Remembering to set the phone to airplane mode or do not disturb before going to bed.

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sound is air wiggles. music is when it wiggles the good way to wiggle your ear bones all nice

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Hello #dnd, #CriticalRole, #taz fans! My dragon dice bags are now on PREORDER!!! Official #dungeonsanddragons merch! Currently only offered in red, but if they sell well and there’s interest, maybe they’ll add the other colours? 😘 #critters #dragons

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The rats gathered around the prince, whiskers twitching.

"Oh, hello my friends," he whispered, brushing dust and tears from his face.

The rats inspected the princes scrolls, making small concerned noises.

"As you can see, I'm still a long way from breaking the transformation curse. I'm so sorry."

The rats climbed onto his arms, bowed back and shoulders, a few drying his tears.

They had faith he'd regain his true form and return to them.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #Fantasy

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#DesertBus story from BilzMom: when she was 10 or 11 she got a book of CB trucker jargon from the library and learned it all

her dad had a CB radio in his car, and at night she'd sneak down to the car and talk to the truckers

her call sign was Big Bird ❤️

and then she'd leave the car lights on when she went to bed so her dad would think the battery draining was his fault