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Let's see, what should I put in an ?
I'm in my thirties, live in , , and like and and and . I run an occasional round, the system is (English version of the German )
I'm a , but I don't talk about tech here much and definitely don't prosetylize about OS or programming language choice.
Stuff I mention here includes and .
I'm on the spectrum. Pronoun she or they.

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@Anke - Ankə 🌱
main account. Chatting, daily life, ,

@Anke - Anke 🦉[birb]
, ,

@Anke - Anke ✏️[art]
, , , maybe if I actually get back to it.

I mostly use this to look up stuff on the and tags to boost to :P

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Iii wanna hug somebody
I wanna cuddle up with somebody
Yeah I wanna hug somebody
Hug somebody who loves me.

Good night. I hope you have exactly as much fluff as you need.

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Honestly some kind of easy to use database where he could drop random files in, and it would file then for him and look them up by various methods later if he needed it to would be great. :/

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Not Liriodendron. The ones that bloom in early spring before they get leaves. White or pink.

agh. What's the real name for tulip trees?

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If you include my phone, I have 3 cameras, and I even used all three this year so far. This is kinda chaotic.

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Pixel art cacti 🌵
(old stuff from my previous account)
#art #pixelart #cactus

I am feeling chatty. Hello!

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Also, Netflix played a version of I Can't Help Falling In Love or Fools Rush In or whatever the song is called over the end credits. That one is featured several times in Strange Magic. It's been a while since I watched that one.
Now, do I put it on as background noise and draw, or do I watch a new-to-me movie? Hmm...

I definitely need to add Mononoke Hime to my DVD wishlist... *rambles*

(I watched Lilo & Stitch because apparently Netflix Germany has not a single Ghibli movie. It happened to be on the result page)

Lilo And Stitch is my favourite animated Disney movie.

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I ate a food, and soon after I was not cold any more! :D