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Let's see, what should I put in an ?
I'm in my thirties, live in , , and like and and and . I run an occasional round, the system is (English version of the German )
I'm a , but I don't talk about tech here much and definitely don't prosetylize about OS or programming language choice.
Stuff I mention here includes and .
I'm on the spectrum. Pronoun she or they.

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@Anke - Ankə 🌱
main account. Chatting, daily life, ,

@Anke - Anke 🦉[birb]
, ,

@Anke - Anke ✏️[art]
, , , maybe if I actually get back to it.

I mostly use this to look up stuff on the and tags to boost to :P

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Iii wanna hug somebody
I wanna cuddle up with somebody
Yeah I wanna hug somebody
Hug somebody who loves me.

Hmp. All that said...
I think I'll wait a week and play around with stuff and see how the technical difficulties shake out.

Oh! I just noticed that the current Mastodon version puts links to lists in the right sidebar! And Misskey is not too bad, remembering at least the last list you used... That's nice and takes a bit of the weight off the Lists pro for Friendica...

additional Friendica con: Need to get used to it, in particular how it handles CWs.

my own friendica node
- my thing. not relying on a third party.
- lists feature that is Right There, i.e. the first one I've seen I'd use.
- "bookmark" posts in folders
- might have good integration with Twitter and possibly tumblr?
- Worst emoji support. Really bad. No customs.
- I can't get it to federate with, which is really bad because that's where some of my best friends are.
- I have to actually keep up with admin stuff, like keeping an eye on disc usage.
- mastodon is what I'm used to, no need to get used to much in the way of changes.
- local timeline full or artists!
- someone else administers it
- no blobcat emojis :(

- small, known community!
- competent admin/mod
- decent support for custom emoji

- need to get used to how it handles threads
- at the moment kinda broken? Yesterday thread links didn't work, today I couldn't reply or post on mobile because the keyboard wouldn't show up
- can happen that I can't follow someone I want to follow because they're banned

With Tootplanet closing in 6 weeks, I'm considering several options for a main fediverse account.
- The official replacement,, which runs Misskey
- Make my account my main account
- Run a Friendica node on my own webspace.

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I finally tided up my shop, and thought it'd be a waste to directly remove these three originals so they're discounted at half the price for a while

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Strickt hier zufällig jemand und kann mir vielleicht einen Tipp geben, wie das ohne den kleinen Finger funktionieren könnte?

Ich kann den aus Gründen nicht ordentlich belasten und komme daher nicht weiter als eine Maschenreihe am Tag. Und es macht dadurch auch nicht wirklich Spaß.

Boost: ✅

@InspectorCaracal Can I ask you a question about federation/the problem I have with Friendica?

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If you want well-formatted, public domain e-books, is the place to go.

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Today's first #asemicwriting piece. Also I found some henna in a squeezy bottle so I doodled on my hand, naturally. #MastoArt

I wanted to post something, but I forget what.
Also where.

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Okay, so I gave #writeas a try and it's sadly not really well integrated for my purposes. So, do you have any instance recommendation for #writing projects? I already took a look into's local timeline and it's much more mixed topic than I expected.

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cw: psychoactive substance
expectation: they're talking about weed
reality: coffee
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I was just looking at a list of recommended wind-down activities to do before sleeping, and I somehow managed to misread "Sweep or mop the kitchen floor while no one else is there to walk on it" as "Sleep on the kitchen floor..." and for that brief moment I had some serious Concerns

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"Sorry, you and your dog must teleport separately."
"We are inseparable!"
"You can go in parallel. You'll only be apart for a few steps."
"No, I want to teleport with my dog!"
"Sir." The attendant sighed. "I assure you, teleporting with your dog won't make you a werewolf "
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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ugh. Tried to set up a Friendica instance. Installation went through, but I can't log in to the first account created. And I can't figure out how the support forum works.

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