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Iii wanna hug somebody
I wanna cuddle up with somebody
Yeah I wanna hug somebody
Hug somebody who loves me.

good night. nini. schlaft schön. bis morgen

Is there a free editing program for Windows that has video stabilising capability? HALP?

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@nuhn aww! i am so glad the human kitten likes mewing ^w^

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@netkitty i like to mew to my baby. It makes him laugh.

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please try mewing today if you have never done it before! it is fun. you do not have to be a catte to do a mew!

:mew: :blobcat:

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I'm not doing too badly, considering I managed to catch the 8:05 bus, but I would have liked to get something beyond,the necessary done.

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I need to figure out how to kick myself into gear faster in the mornings. Maybe a dose of sugar via juice...
(I don't like coffee or black tea)

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I didn't tidy up as much as I would have liked. Fallout from the bike-buying and reshuffling where stuff is stored. Took longer than anticipated.
I did take apart some boxes that I'd been keeping for a while already, so once I get the parts into recycling I'll have won some space, think.

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Computer has been groaning and grinding a bit recently... decided to do a serious backup of all my files before the hard drive explodes, because I'm a responsible adult person who carefully maintains and backs up their computer on a regular schedule of "oh god, oh god, what's wrong NOW?"

Art folder alone is... uh... 177 GB ...o_O

...this is gonna take a while.

I got a tarot deck in the mail. Ethereal Visions by Matt Hughes.
I shuffled it and drew a card, and it was one of the two extra cards he added: The Well.
The booklet that came with it says "The Well is the birthplace of ideas, inspiration, and transformation. All things are birthed from this Creatrix and knowledge flows freely to those who seek it.
Upright: Nurturing, opportunity, nature, creativity"
Nice start. XD

I have a problem. I have to find a place for the box my A3 printer came in...

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(interested in the chainsaw here mostly for theatrics and not because, e.g., I believe it to be the tool best suited to separating a keyboard into its constituent parts)

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hypothetically, mastodon, let's say that I wanted to use a chainsaw to saw a keyboard in half—like, a regular off-the-shelf qwerty keyboard for typing, made of plastic. how could this be done safely (while still having the keyboard connected to a computer of some kind)? by "safely" I mean of course my own personal safety and that of those observing but also I would like to do this in a way that doesn't damage the chainsaw or the connected computer

Heading home. Whee. I'm tired. And hungry. Maybe feeling tired because I'm hungry. Bodies are inconvenient.

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A periodic reminder that using "camel case" in multiple-word hashtags makes them easier to read! 🤓

#LikeSuch #accessibility