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Iii wanna hug somebody
I wanna cuddle up with somebody
Yeah I wanna hug somebody
Hug somebody who loves me.

In my GP's waiting room now. Someone else put her backpack on the chair next to her, hugged it, and may be sleeping.

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Yesterday I stood on the flat roof in front of my window for a bit to feel the cold air

Today I did the same thing PLUS I looked at the pastel sky with the Soft Clouds and the smolstars, stretched my paws towards it.

My paws are tingling from the cold and I am feeling like a decadent little cat :3

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There must be a way to bottle how tired you feel when you wake up in the morning.

So that you could take some at night when you struggle to fall asleep.

OK, I should stop looking at websites and go to bed.
Sleep well, when it's time for you to do so. I hope you stay alert until that time is drawing close. :)

I filled my wordcount today with a Dreamwidth entry and copying 3 longish toots over...

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I am watching Tom Paris briefing Captain Janeway briefing on narrative conventions of 'Captain Proton', which is a fictional 1930s Hollywood serial, so she will be able to play Aracnia, Queen of Spider People, to deactivate a fictional, holographic weapon which is causing actual damage to aliens, because those particular aliens are photonic rather than biochemical.

And so far I have not even found a reasoning WHY these aren't a normal part of trying criminal cases or anything like that.

Here's a thing that seems like fail to me in TDE: It's a "medieval" world, and in legal proceedings, the word of less respected people is OFFICIALLY worth less than that of higher ranking ones. Also, torture is a thing done to find truth.
All that despite there being a widely-available magic spell that forces people to answer yes-no questions truthfully, AND clerics being able to bless an oath and able to tell if someone broke such an oath.

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My four year old has been singing the song from the Pirates of the Caribbean ride all week, to increasingly interesting results...

"Yo ho yo ho, life is but a dream..."

"Yo ho yo ho, pirates like to sing..."


FreeOCR works pretty well. :D

I wonder if you might be able to tell from the ratio of pigeons to gulls on which plaza in Cologne you are. I'm pretty sure that Heumarkt has more gulls than Neumarkt, for example.

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I'm lowering the price of originals from $45 to $35, includes shipping, US Only, no frames included, PayPal only

GUYS I NEED TO SELL THESE. I'm without a job and I'm trying to help my friend Nancy with her five month old daughter Luna until she's able to land a job.
This is as low as I can afford to go. If you can't help please spread.

Made streak today with descriptions of books on magic that might be found in the library of the next black mage my group might encounter. ;P

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how to be productive: find something requiring even more effort to do and procrastinate that