"It was a quiet afternoon in Bocholt in western Germany when a pigeon broke the calm and the speed limit, flying down a residential street at 45km/h (28mph) in a 30km/h zone."

@Anke 🗨️ "Whether and, above all, how the fast bird can and will pay its €25 on-the-spot fine remains to be seen."

XD help

@archadia Sometimes I suspect people think Germans don't have a sense of humour because here pretending to take a ridiculous situation seriously is a joke...

@Anke I love German humor! You can give me as much as you've got! :D

@Anke Bocholt is almost at the end of the world... That's probably been the event of the year...
@roka @Anke >just 13% of the population while committing 52% of crime.
@Anke Illegal avian racing ring being investigated following reckless stunt by Johnny “Golden Wings” McBreadcrumb.
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