One year and 14 days. 🙂

Is it too soon to start setting up my next #BuJo ?!

My next one will be a #nuuna notebook. Again I find myself torn between: Love how fountainpens write in a #Leuchtturm1917 but also love the look and feel of the more sturdy paper in a Nuuna (but not how ink is feathering there...)


@Julia_Schmeer so far I had to start a new bujo twice a year, so I obviously can't advise on if it's too early for you to set up the next one. XD

@Anke twice a year means MORE PRETTY LEUCHTTURMS 😍 I support this!

I really put a lot on one page - full pages tend to look like handwritten pages of a novel or something like that...
Do you use more empty space or just have more collections than me?

@Julia_Schmeer probably more empty space - I like being able to tell where one day ends and the next starts.
In the past, for a while I tried a fixed layout with half a page per day, but I dropped that.

As to Collections, the one I started this month has 4 double page spreads of Future Log, 2 of long-term trackers, and 6 of other collections before the calendar page starts. I don't have access to previous journals right now.

@Anke Yes! That is a good point - having the old journals around or not. I used to look at some old collections, but I want to completely drop that habit with my next one
I only mark new daily logs by leaving one line. I used to underline the date, but having that blank space is enough visual order for me.
But since my new book has un-dotted margins, I will most likely find myself with more empty space on my pages,which will be nice(my old nuuna was much less crowded than my LT)

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