Can anybody recommend fantasy or scifi series where episodes are... episodic? Or mostly so? Like The first two Star Trek series, or The first seasons of X-Files, or most of Gravity Falls?


I'm just kinda burned out on epic myth arcs that involve saving the world/universe.

@Anke I feel you on this!!! I don't know any, the ones I try all go Big Story Arc by season 2.

Maybe Stargate Universe?

@InspectorCaracal I do have Stargate on my "maybe watch someday" list...

@Anke Stargate itself is on my to-watch list and it's tonally on par with TNG, I think.

I've seen SGU and it's... darker. Tonally and visually. >.> If you haven't seen Stargate, go for it before SGU, definitely

@Anke @InspectorCaracal

granted i haven't seen sg-1 in *years*, but there is a myth arc.
it only comes into play now and then (mostly season finales), and iirc they do a good job of summing up what happened, but there is at least one recurring villain in the first few seasons that's pretty important

and some meta-physical stuff that you gotta pay attention to

and the last 2 seasons are *definitely* more arc-based than episodic

it's a bit more episodic than buffy, more arc-y than trek, imo

@katrani @Anke I was loosely equating the verse lore stuff with the Borg in terms of arc execution, dunno how accurate that is though

@katrani @Anke TNG also has a bunch of character and verse development threads that get brought back in at various points, too

@InspectorCaracal @katrani Continuity and repeating guest stars are cool, it's when nearly every episode centers on the same thing that I got enough of. Particularly when that something is defeating a Big Bad that is threatening the world/galaxy/universe.
(brought to you by season 2 of Star Trek: Discovery)

@Anke @InspectorCaracal

oh yeah then you're fine up until... probably season 7 or 8? cause that's when they're like "we've been at this a while, probably a good idea to start wrapping up this background main plot so the actors can go do other stuff"

@Anke @katrani So one of the things J and I were talking about recently is how after the '90s there was this shift in television shows from the fun/episodic kind of stuff like TNG, Stargate, Xena: Warrior Princess, etc. to this serious-business Big Story Arc style and how we both miss the more episodic style

@InspectorCaracal @katrani ... I do have the full and mostly unwatched DVD set of Xena on my shelf.
Had in mind getting Hercules, too, and starting with that, but the German version seems to be out of print.

@InspectorCaracal @Anke @katrani You can pretty much blame Babylon 5 for that. It popularised the arc structure at least in sci fi, and the fact that DS9 picked it up and ran with it only solidified its dominance. That said, I have heard that The Orville is a very nice return to episodic form.

@Terrana @InspectorCaracal @katrani A well done myth arc series is great, but when it's pretty much all there is, it gets BORING.

@InspectorCaracal @Anke @katrani When you get down to it, everything is Joss Whedon's fault in some way.

@Terrana @InspectorCaracal @Anke

i laughed way too hard

another contributor is *probably* it being a given that more houses would have VHSes or DVD players as those came into vogue, and more people wanting to pick up box sets and the like

and then tivo and things like that

basically anything that encouraged rewatchability in a given order rather than syndication's potential hodge-podge

@Terrana @InspectorCaracal @katrani You know what's the worst? Series that don't know how long they will be going. So they have one arc per season. Particularly when each arc is about preventing the end of the world. Particularly since that usually involves trying to make the next apocalypse more threatening. *looks at Buffy and Supernatural*
B5 at least had ONE myth arc over 4-5 seasons. Likewise, it's one reason why I liked ATLA much better than Legend of Korra...

@Anke @Terrana @InspectorCaracal

like, okay, you saved the world.
if your next plot is saving the world except with a stronger time limit, then i get bored and peace out.

(i did like the escalation presented in Korra specifically, other pacing prblems aside.)

@katrani @Anke @InspectorCaracal Speaking for myself, I have a problem continuously upping the stakes in general. Yeah, you saved the world, well done. What's wrong with scaling things back a little bit and having the next arc be about someone in a funny hat misusing the World-Saving Device for personal profit at the cost of using it up before the next World-Threat shows up?

@InspectorCaracal @Anke

yeah i'm not as familiar with any Trek series, just watched a few episode of TOS, and a select few of... TNG?? that C.'s shown me

but from what i *have* seen and heard about, that's the impression i've got. felt like i should speak up as the person who has seen Stargate, lol

@katrani @InspectorCaracal Sounds promising, anyway. I mean, DS9 was OK, too. Or Voyager.

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