Beginners Guide to De-centering the USA in Your Writing:
• Prefer metric and SI units.
• Specify all units, including currency (“$5.00 USD” instead of just “$5.00”).
• Use “USA” as a descriptor instead of “American” when you actually mean “from the USA” and not “from North America or South America”.
• Don’t assume your experiences are universal.

@Sapphicgiraffic also my pet peeve, when people talk about where they're from, most people will say the country, but Americans will say the state

nothing wrong with it on its own, but the trends imply a "our geography is more prestigious" attitude, like if i said which voivodship i'm from, you probably don't even know what the fuck a voivodship is

@kiilas @Sapphicgiraffic Trevor Noah said that, until he moved to the US, he saw it as one monolithic country. After living in it for many years, he now realizes that it is at least 50 different countries pretending to be one big country.

Personally I think that might be a better explanation for why people identify by State rather than we see it as some sort of prestige thing. We tend to only be affected day to day by things on a state level.


@sandrockcstm @kiilas @Sapphicgiraffic I guess that explains why some US-Americans consider the EU a country, when it's not.

While the USA and the EU and their are clearly different kinds of political bodies, they are comparable in other ways. In terms of both population and land mass, US states are reasonably comparable to European countries, while in the same terms the USA is reasonably comparable to the entire EU. To travel to another country I would have to cross half a continent, not hop in a car or train for a few hours.
@sandrockcstm @kiilas @Sapphicgiraffic

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