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Ok, working on for tonight.
Let's see... Adult Black Dragon...

@daHob 6 trolls for me... The heroes will hopefully help them.

@Anke I also have on deck, 8 ogres in armor, a 10th level shadar-Kai arcane knight and a flame skull

@Anke tha knight uses a glaive who's haft is a staff of binding

Ankə 🌱 @Anke

@daHob I have no clue what a Staff of Binding is :D

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@Anke it is exactly like a wand of binding from the DMG, but longer

@daHob I have no familiarity with D&D apart from the 80s animated series. :D

@Anke it lets you cast Hold Person and Hold Monster. Those freeze you in place for a little while

@daHob That is a description I understand.