I'm feeling tired and out of the loop, but it feels like one of those situations where I should be doing something with Mastodon's outreach accounts on other platforms. If you have suggestions for what I should be doing, let me know thanks

@Gargron My idea is: Get a volunteer who's good at the platform to post daily like 3 times with something interesting and relevant! Because unless you particularly enjoy it, that's something you can let someone else do, and then maybe you will feel less tired?

@Gargron Another thing that I like is when there's an account that changes ownership sometimes. So you could let someone tweet from the Twitter account for 24 hours at a time, and have guidelines like "tell people why you love Mastodon, link to cool stuff you see on Mastodon, share any articles or blog posts you've written about the fediverse," etc.

@Gargron You could ask people what their favourite instance is and why, and then boost it. That could be nice for people who might like to join but struggle to make decisions.


@cassolotl @Gargron That's a good idea. At least "giving people infos about individual instances so they have some ideas where they could join" was my thought, too.

@Anke @Gargron Yeah! And I think something personal would be good because it'd be Real ™ and would appeal to the kinds of people who would get on well on that instance. :)

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