Yesterday, I spontaneously bought a mushroom. It is round, cute, and decorative!

I took my box of tools that don't fit the toolbox and tool adjacent stufff (screws and nails and hooks and such) box and split the contents in two flatter boxes. Now if I need some of that, I need to dig less! \o/
The tool-adjacent-stuff box is still kinda chaotic, but, baby steps.
Bonus: I can use the big box for stuff that has no place to live yet, or that I'm not even sure I want to keep.


I got new lapel pins!
They are hidden because they are designed based on insects! :D
All pins have raised lines in antique gold colour, with the lower areas filled with black or white enamel.

So I ordered a radio that can also play music from SD card or USB stick, so when I want to do chores I don't have to have the computer running to have background music. It is cute!

Not much change from last time, I only finished pattern 5.
And noticed I switched from the gold to the green a row early. huh. I wasn't going to frog 7 rows, though.

Seven rows I did on Sunday after the photo, two rows today. Three rows left of pattern five, and the next of those will have 240 stitches.

Aaand pattern 4 finished. I really like this one, both the look of it, and that it's very easy/intuitive to me to make.
I also forgot how much I like... I MADE this! It has dimension and it is soft and I can SQUISH it and aaaaah! :D
Also, the mustard/gold yarn I used there may have been part of my stash for over 15 years. Not that I'll use it up here...

Got through all of pattern 3 today. Had to frog two or three rows because I got confused at the transition from pattern 2 to 3.
Also if I could turn back time, I'd set up the gradient differently, but I'll continue with this now. It's a learning experience :D

Didn't have much time yesterday, but managed to add five more rows. Each row is getting longer, so progress will slow down, anyway, if measured in rows.

Unlike @Julia and @Kiki I won't be trying to crochet an afghan... Too big a project for me, and apart from that I'm using stash yarn, and that's 125m/50g, recommended hook 2.5-3.5 mm stuff. (converting yarn weight and crochet hook sizes is nearly as bad as paper weight...)
Anyway, pattern is
and this is what I've done today:
all 12 rows of pattern 1, and rows 1-5 of pattern 2

Is Love, Death + Robots as porny as the thumbnail on Netflix suggests?

The crane(s?) who visit the nearby pond are getting chiller and chiller.

"It was a quiet afternoon in Bocholt in western Germany when a pigeon broke the calm and the speed limit, flying down a residential street at 45km/h (28mph) in a 30km/h zone."

My current will probably see me through April still, but since @Julia_Schmeer asked, a photo of past and future BuJos.
If you start from the bottom, the first without a label on the spine is the current one ("emerald green"), the darker blue-green on top of that is "pacific", a colour Leuchtturm1917 added recently

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