Is Love, Death + Robots as porny as the thumbnail on Netflix suggests?

The crane(s?) who visit the nearby pond are getting chiller and chiller.

"It was a quiet afternoon in Bocholt in western Germany when a pigeon broke the calm and the speed limit, flying down a residential street at 45km/h (28mph) in a 30km/h zone."

My current will probably see me through April still, but since @Julia_Schmeer asked, a photo of past and future BuJos.
If you start from the bottom, the first without a label on the spine is the current one ("emerald green"), the darker blue-green on top of that is "pacific", a colour Leuchtturm1917 added recently

I framed and hung art! Only took me nearly 6 years after moving in...
First is a commission painted by Rhys ( @scoots )
Second a commission by G. Pike ( )
Third was painted for a Sketch Fest by Janet Chui ( )
Fourth is a print from a painting by Teal Newcomb ( )

I added two fold-out flaps to my to remind me of stuff (mostly stuff to write into said journal) each morning and evening.

I couldn't wait until the end of the month and set up the spreads for February in my already.
February pages are marked with spring-crocus pale violet :D
In addition to the month overview and the habit tracker, I also have a spread for tracking spending, but it's just a table with three colums.

Hey, I found another - this one for cute and tiny pins! I'm tempted to get the kitty, but I do need to budget a bit...

@Alexis You two follow each other, right?

Here are my chickens! From
How I got there: I first found myself two easter chickens (the confetti-coloured ones on the left), which did involve a golden lasso from the Extra Utilities mod. Those chickens lay eggs of random types, and when you have two, you can breed more. I hatched the eggs I got from them, and when I got two of a kind, I started breeding them.
They sit on hoppers over chests hooked up to pipes that put stuff into storage drawers automatically

Mornings are pretty cool here, but today I remembered to put on a hat!
(Selfie, eye contact)

Eeeh, lookit today's hatchie! I love this colour combination!

My correspondences thread ( ) archived somewhere I'll be able to find it again, and/or where I'll come across it when leafing through the bulletjournal and it will make me smile.
Thanks to @Wsteria for starting that little meme, and thanks to everyone who answered!

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