@InspectorCaracal The cake is in the fridge. And looks like a head of cauliflower.

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They're sleeping next to each other today :blobaww: I can get them both on camera at once! https://www.twitch.tv/waldweg


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Neither a lark nor an owl, but a permanently exhausted pigeon

@InspectorCaracal @zatnosk @nuhn We're five people in one room at work. I try to arrive at 8:30 so I can leave at 5, assuming 30 minutes lunch break, but it tends to be some time between then and 9 usually. Two of the other people are usually already there when I arrive, and sometimes leave as early as 4. One sometimes is like that, sometimes arrives after me.
One arrives around eleven, and I don't know how long he stays usually, because I think I stayed long enough to see him leave only once.

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picrews are cool but did you know that for only $30 you can get a unique custom pixel art portrait made by me?

bonus: i'm not ace-exclusive


@LilFluff I figured if I made cola by the glass, I would drink less of it than if I bought it by the bottle (because the store brand cola is available in big bottles only, and small brandname cola is too expensive by comparison.)

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Mentally planning my Own Personal Thanksgiving and I put "goat cheese" on my shopping list but the GBoard turned it into "ghost cheese"; the forbidden cheese

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Aviation and Carbon 

So, telling a fae they can call you "Ainsel" ("My Own Self") is like telling a script kiddie your IP is

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hey all. i'm thinking about working on an article about being a hacker while trans. i'm thinking about things like acceptance in spaces, old projects that deadname us, stigmas, visibility or *wanting* not to be visible.

my ideas are still a little scatterbrained but i want to see what i could write into a concise article about this and i want your ideas and input. i don't want my voice to be the only one in it. :boost_ok:

@welshpixie From what I hear, mint takes over everything if you let it. Good luck!

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Und dann war da noch der fleißige 'Ich will Dein Auto kaufen'-Kärtchen-Stecker, der pflichtbewusst auch die Karte an den Polizeiwagen gesteckt hat, der gerade vor meinem Haus parkt. #mademyday

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So for #worldbuildingwednesday let me talk to you about saprophytic plants that infect your sinuses, and stoats that can pull the heat out of your body from five feet away while you're asleep, and why there are so damn many wolves in the #Venleitche game world, and you can find out more at https://wanderingbeekeeper.itch.io/venleitche or you can just ask me right here!

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The Monitor Lizards and Snakes are probably my fave of the reptiles unless you count dinosaurids in which case the Terror Birds, or the Corvids.

Mosasaur, Monitors, and Snakes are fairly closely related, and the monitor lizards are the few lizards other than the stem-snakes (the begining of the snake evolutionary lineage) that speced into venom, my fave monitor lizard is the extinct Megalania which was larger than the Komodo Dragon and was a megapredator in Australia until it became extinct not long after humans got here.

How Mosasaurus Broke The Game ― TierZoo

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