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I'm a Norwegian poet who talk about a lot of stuff. I am into and other . I game casually.

obviously my jam and you'll find my stuff in the hashtag . I also have a patreon in my profile description.

Currently gone back to uni to study Digital Culture.

I'm 29, she/her.

Also .

Fucking mornings. Fuck this. First web design lecture. I hate HTML. Blergh. *shuffles into clothes*

Damn, I'm definitely adding that Ao3 Hugo award to every writer CV I ever write in the future.

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my chest bone thing just cracked like my back does sometimes and it feels weird. God I am so sore everywhere.

Feel slightly mean for having kicked boyfriend out of his room to sit and have alone time, but man I am overstimulated and tired to an extreme- It has been a very long time since I had a ache deep in my gut and every touch feels like coarse sandpaper on my skin and psyche.

A birthday was had, I smell like I ate a bonfire and my knee is bleeding :D I had a wonderful time, thanks for all the congratulations <3

Thanks for the bday greetings, it was lovely to wake up to :D

it's past midnight so technically it is my birthday

Fucking nailed the end of my campaign. I'm so pleased with how it turned out.

Fuck I need to go to bed, I have my first orientation lecture tomorrow and then the goddamn last D&D session I'm DMing complete with 2 guests at the table playing the Villain and The Wizard NPC.

8 people at the table. Fuuuuuck.

It's Monday and I'm already exhausted about this week.

My Tabaxi warlock is all rolled up and ready to go, first session in 3 hours.

*crawls into cat kigu* This isn't even my final form

I said a the beginning of the summer I wanted a new formative summer, I wanted to grow unexpectedly. And so I've spent the summer gaining new friends, playing "drink the beer" with said new friends, PLAYING AND DMING A LOT OF D&D, got a boyfriend and even smoked a jazz cigarette or two.

I am very pleased with how my summer has gone all in all.

oh my god this week is gonna be a full week, but on Thursday, on THURSDAY THE 15TH.... I turn fucking 30.

"Let's go for a coffee" - My sister
"sure sounds nice" - Me that somehow after 15 years have not learned that coffee leads to many beers and a hangover.

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