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I'm a Norwegian poet who talk about a lot of stuff. I am into and other . I game casually.

obviously my jam and you'll find my stuff in the hashtag . I also have a patreon in my profile description.

Currently gone back to uni to study Digital Culture.

I'm 29, she/her.

Also .

I have done a lot of reflection about who I am lately. I think I am someone who tries to be kind. If nothing else I want to be remembered for trying to be kind.

Taking Virginia Woolf with me to the shop today, expecting it to be quite quiet, half of Norway is up in the mountains.

Those Had Been Exactly To Gripe

It will have partaken
no plums
that were left of an icebox

or whom
you have probably secured
up breakfast

Paralyse me
they are delicious
really sweet
or strangely cold

My boss sent me a message reminding me I have work, as if I've not spent the last three days getting anxiety pangs thinking about it.

Rør ikke ved mitt hjerte i dag.
Våren har gjort det alt.
Bølger av gammelt nederlag
kysser det, hardt og salt.

Bølger av nederlag og savn.
– Trodde jeg det var borte?
Si ikke noe. Nevn ikke navn.
Våren har nettopp gjort det.

Noe har våknet. Det svir av seg selv
verre enn sult og tørst.
Rør ikke ved mitt hjerte i kveld.
Våren har vært her først.

- Inger Hagerup

I cannot properly convey how much I don't want to work tomorrow.

I once briefly talked to a dude who would go on thesis length tech wankery about his vape and had the audacity to, after seeing my tattoo, say to his friend "mate, never date a girl who has liking cats as a personality trait, batty the lot of them."

His mate to his credit uttered the most judgemental "bro" I have ever heard so that at least warmed my heart.

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been sat outside with my course work and laptop for two hours, can't claim I have done a lot of work, but some. More importantly, I have sat outside for two hours.

Today I fancied up for a Dnd meetup, now I fancied down to sit outside in the sunshine at home

Well, I should cook some dinner perhaps. I started watching Sabrina :D It is great. Also Goblin!Salem is a tentacled cutie. I want one.

There are things better left unsaid about ending a partnership, the anger and acid thought, the jealousness, the disdain and disapointment. The doubt, if you were worth loving if they didn't love you.

But I spent the summer burning, and cleaning, and paining more rooms that I can count now.

It's been a year today. I'm scrubbing the sink, doing the dishes, cleaning the floors. I'm not burning anymore, and I breathe. And I haven't cried about it in weeks. So. I'm healing.

And I scrubbed the big table in the living room and laid on it, the only dirty thing in the whole room was myself, soles of my feed covered in grime, sweat drenched and dusty and I could breathe a bit.

I got too drunk and spent the entire next day in bed with Bobby the cat and he laid on my chest while I cried, and cried. Thinking I'd never feel like an empty room, or a clean table, or a white shower. No matter how much I scrubbed.

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