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I'm a Norwegian poet who talk about a lot of stuff. I am into and other . I game casually.

obviously my jam and you'll find my stuff in the hashtag . I also have a patreon in my profile description.

Currently gone back to uni to study Digital Culture.

I'm 29, she/her.

Also .

Dnd was amazing. Waiting for the bus home now

Hey, if you want to help a broke Corvus celebrate christmas, my Patreon is

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This will be the last time I share this, for this year.

Thank you to everyone who has kept me going this semester, you are wonderful and it means the world to me.

I hope your holidays or winter celebrations are full of light and warmth.

This big for me it's hard to even begin to explain. I failed out of uni before, I never got above a D, I thought I wasn't cut out for it. I have spend this semester living off too few hours of work and very generous donations towards my poetry and I have worked. So. Hard.

I was beginning to doubt everything.

But I will work harder. And I will make it. And I will build something amazing.


Me: oh god I am done with the semester, I have so much free time, I have a month to sleep in and recharge.

Me 12 hours later: Oh God I have so much writing to do and poetry to publish and I need to somehow pull some christmas presents out of thin air and hope. And bake?? Free time??

bluuurghlr! I have dnd today, yaaay, but I just want to melt done. I just handed it my last exam. I am actually done with this semester. oh my god.

I need someone to explain it like I am five what kind of laptop I need to be able to run Dragon age 4 when it comes out

I have too many words... Why is this happening??

To the bone of every good intention
I have gnawed my way to find
To believe in
a better tomorrow I have become
feminism in soft lace
with hard eyes. I am leather shoes and good intentions;
blessing to the soles I have broken in
to get here.
Winter comes like winter came when
I was a child, it is colder and full
of promise and clean slates.
And I, and I.

#poetry #corvusrobotica

Once octopuses get long term memory the true purpose of this planet will be revealed

Person: I do not understand the concept of lesbian erasure

NASA: we will send a spaceship staffed only with women so no sex occurs during the trip

Person: I have now both fully understood and accepted the relevance this concept has in contemporary society

Oh God, I am so tired and exhausted after this exam. I could afford two beers at the shop so I am going to celebrate a bit later, now I am watching Critical role, going to bake some gingerbread cookies and then tomorrow, sunday and monday is essay writing.

wish list for da4:
- let me watch the fucking chantry burn