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Norwegian magpie poet, mistress of mugs and eater of hearts.

I am studying Digital Culture in Bergen currently.
Also I play D&D a lot, like, a lot.

30, she/her


LOTR, Harry Potter and Star Wars fandoms inhabit people who wish to create their own 12 bind epic novel stories, but instead write 340k AUs over the course of 7 months. Bless your hearts, but also, I deeply fear you all.

Alright, it is official, I'm writing my Bachelors next semester

ptsd, mh - 

There's a storm here, I am pretty much out of food and have started making some pretty creative choices to get nutrients, I have three bags of bottles I can pawn in the shop to last me until I get student loans but THERE IS A STORM OUTSIDE :p

Logically I _know_ I need to go to the shop, but there's a small part of me that's like "meh the human body can survive of pasta and butter for three days" :p

morning I am still in bed cause it is freeeeezing and I am done with exams so I can do nothing.

To the melody of Deck The Halls: Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck FuckFuckFuckFuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck

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was looking up a term, got guided to a lesbian subreddit, decided to look around, it was most terfy fucking place I have seen in a long time. Hard Yikes.

there is hazbin hotel fanfiction, I love the internet.

alright, I think I am going to accept the invitation to the pub, just smoke some cigarettes and enjoy the company for an hour or so, I don't pay for the coffee so i should be fine. Gah, I wish I could afford a couple of beers, but it doesnt really matter in the whole scheme of things right now.

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