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I'm a Norwegian poet who talk about a lot of stuff. I am into and other . I game casually.

obviously my jam and you'll find my stuff in the hashtag . I also have a patreon in my profile description.

Currently gone back to uni to study Digital Culture.

I'm 29, she/her.

Also .

I dreamt about D&D stats, woke up at 4 am, was awake for a couple of hours then went back asleep and dreamt about a dragon battle.

*waves* Hi everyone!

I went to Alder Grove's Fiction to talk about my experience of small successes and the generosity of others.

The Internet Paid for my Book to be Published:

Do have a read if, like me, crowdfunding has seemed too large or risky for you.

And thanks so much to @aldersprig for hosting me!

Home from DMing, herding cats and throwing a baby roper on the party :3

Lipstick marks on cocktail napkins in dingy pubs,
like rub-on-tattoos.
I think about clawing my name or some
on the toilet doors,
but I’m not committing to bricks and wood.
Even now.
Hearts grow old like cities;
some roads are so worn
it’s hard not to retrace the steps
of old lovers,
without even knowing it. Layers,
and layers of graffiti.
Of lipstick applications on
cocktail napkins.
I try to be beautiful here, it’s
all I’m good for,
it’s all the city eats.

#poetry #corvusRobotica

Home from Iron Kingdoms rolling. Gonna just sit still for a while longer before going to bed.

The ancient tree was hollow.

That wasn't entirely true.

While it no longer contained sap nor a dense core, a natural compost had formed, giving nutrition to seedlings. Soft moss climbed upwards and outwards. Glowing fungus crowded the darkest, dampest spots, and generations of squirrels called this old tree a winter haven.

It once even hid a royal babe and a squad of fairy guardians.

Despite all appearances, the tree was far from empty.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #Fantasy

saying goodnight on the fedi like "ta ta, friends, I′ve business up the trail"

Have visited my friends for waffles and socials and now I'm on my way to rolling up character for Iron kingdom

I'm alone for solstice this year, what should I do?

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