Does anyone have any good resources on colour contrast in web design? Particularly looking for universal design like Laura Kalbag talks about, but also aesthetics sources.

Boosting would be lovely.

@kensanata Thank you, yes I actively use this, I am after theory and articles for my report at this point, but also anything else interesting so that's a good shout.

@CorvusRobotica what I find very interesting is semi-automatic color palette design like – how do they do it? What theory is behind those three and four color picks? Sadly I know very little about it but if you find some theory for this, I’m interested!

@CorvusRobotica personally, I have code that generates random foreground colors for a chat client based on a minimum “distance” from the background color. A better documented effort than mine is this:

@kensanata Yeah that's interesting, it looks random and not like it follows a theory unless you specifically ask it to.

@CorvusRobotica I was messing around with for a while in my PICO-8 game development is very technical and probably not the easiest read, but if there's any kind of official standard on web accessibility, it's that

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