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I've been editing OpenStreetMap, mostly adding smaller paths around town, but last night I dreamt I accidentally changed a road to a bike path and so now a bunch of kids were furious with me because it meant Santa couldn't find them.

Santa's a Creative Commons guy, I guess.

I picked up some followers here after I stopped using this account -- I'm now on @Alexis.

I'm still getting the occasional follow here -- please follow me on @Alexis instead.

Reminder: I've moved to my own private instance.

You'll want to follow me on @Alexis from now on.

I don't wanna make a fuss about moving at all, so please don't be mean to me about it.

It's absolutely nothing to do with anyone or anything to do with Toot Planet, just me moving into a different space.

Not anything against Toot Planet or anyone or anything -- it's just that an additional level of control over my Masto experience is within affordable reach, and, well, that'd be nice.

If cats ever figure out to look at what I'm pointing at instead of what I'm pointing with, that's when we're gonna be in trouble.

I've been ignoring the annual I was in the middle of for a while, and this is the mess I come back to.

The idea of Dr Who landing in Heaven is just ridiculous -- it's not even the first time I've seen basically this scene -- they get Ben and Polly backwards, and Dr Who is more like the early season 1 mean grandfather than the space hobo he's supposed to be at this point.

("Planet of Bones," from the 1968 Doctor Who annual.)

I ran out of all the things I was watching to distract myself just as the thing I was distracting myself from ended.

just saw someone suggest on [forum] that bomberman is the original battle royale and holy shit he's right

I'm not even gonna bother until it's over, I guarantee you there's stuff in season one that's gonna turn out to be set in season five, or other horseshit like that.

When wraps up a few seasons from now, a strictly chronological fanedit is gonna be a fun thing to watch. Or make.

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