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Here's an instance of the 3D models looking bad, though. Is this Star Wars, or is this fucking SketchUp.

His ships and other recurring mechanical elements are clearly 3D models -- but that's fine, it's a solid time saver, it keeps them consistent, it usually looks good enough.

*aims megaphone vaguely at Spain* you're a better artist than this, salvador larocca

I wish Salvador Larocca would stop pretending he's drawing comic book art and just make goddamn photocomics already.

I slowly moved from various honey-mustard sauces to regular mustard -- I suppose the logical next step is spicy mustards and then various hot sauces?

Don't currently seem to be cross-tooting. Pre-apologies for the tootdump when the cross-tooter catches up.

(dad who faked his own death) and (business relationship with local ninja gang) are both (in the attic), no dad faked any business relationship with the local ninja gang.

"Every decision of his is impeccable," local woman says of brother who hides dad who faked his own death and business relationship with local ninja gang in the attic.

I mean, you'd have to tie me to something to stop me listening to it, I know what I'm like.

I guess I completely forgot there was a new Hitchhiker's radio series coming up?

I imagine I saw the words "based on the Eoin Colfer book," and immediately decided it wasn't happening.

Not that I've ever blocked anyone on Masto who wasn't just wiped off the face of the mammoth within an hour or two.

A good social media feature would be to be able to add a short, private note whenever you block someone, so you can tell the difference between an "I just want to see less of this person" block and a "this person thinks I'm subhuman" block.

I keep thinking "there's actually loads here that I like" but I'm not convinced it's not MCU Stockholm syndrome.

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