Also, hey, guess what? If I get ONE more patron at ANY of my tiers, I'll reach my first milestone! ✌️

Dev Blog # 3 up for $6 tier patrons!

Zerrarium on hold for Adventure2D development, more details at 11 (ahem I mean in the post).

I've never uploaded a twine game to itch so let me know ASAP if I did something wrong and it's not working, please. <.<

There! Finished up the last finishing touches on that game I was working on during my trip.

The Witch's Cottage: a small room-escape game in Twine, about getting oneself stuck in an herb witch's house.

Free on itchio

argh, twine isn't bringing up the save dialogue when i try to publish to file :oldmancloud:

There was no dev blog posted this past weekend because there's no dev blog this week because me and my entire household have been sick for over a week and are finally starting to function again. :gonk:

This coming weekend, though!

I started planning one last week but I didn't actually get anything written until the weekend, so as it happens... I only started it in November. So it qualifies.


Et voila! The second dev blog post update, only a couple days later than planned!

All dev blog posts are available to patrons at the $6 tier. :3

Also, did you know that it's really hard to write when you're tired because you're sleeping in an unfamiliar room and had to change timezones?

I know! What a thought. Here I expected to get a whole little game done last week, ha ha.

Haven't been posting stuff over here lately because I have been Away on a Trip and getting the login info on this machine was kind of a pain but I need to write up my biweekly patron post so I went and did it and boy howdy it WAS a pain.

Wohoo! First dev blog entry posted!

The dev blog is available to patrons at the $6 tier and give information and insight into my projects and progress. :3

I love it when I can cannibalize my own code for my projects.

The dev blog posts should be pretty regular at every two weeks, but don't expect that kind of regularity on my fedi posts, it'll just be normal spur-of-the-moment social media stuff. 👍

If you're just tuning in (which I guess is everyone), here's the deal.

I'm going to post any updates for the Patreon here, and also anything about game dev stuff I'm doing/thinking/reading about/whatnot.

I won't be posting any specific details about project progress - I want to save that for the patron dev blog. But I will still post follower-locked all my threads yelling at stupid code errors and weird bugs and stuff when I'm working, and that'll be here!

Hey everyone! I just started a new page to help support my attempts to be a Proper Game Dev with a Proper Game Studio

Check it out, maybe pledge a few dollars if you have them and want to help out, and thanks for reading either way. :3

Okay, there we go! Browser profile set up for Official Studio Business and separate login achieved.😉

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