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Hey, Toot Planet! It's been a while since @Support posted anything about rules and moderation, so here's a quick reminder.

(please click through to read the thread, I don't want to spam public feeds)

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Idea: rot13 CW toots to give people a second chance not to read harmful content

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wait wtf Brave is a steampunk, non-Earth fantasy!

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You can be marginalized and still have white privilege. Always remember that. Acknowledging it does not negate your marginalizations.

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I have a new book out! Demon's Lure, about a girl and her demon. Or a demon and its girl, maybe. It's complicated.

Also, not a romance. This is not the sort of demon you take home to mom. This is the sort of demon you keep far away from everyone you care about to ensure it doesn't torture them to death.


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@Heliodora I finished final edits for Angel's Sigil this morning! That's the sequel to my newest release, Demon's Lure books2read.com/demonslure

Anyway, I'm excited. 😁

My next WIP is The Princess, Her Dragon, and Their Prince, which is a poly romance and I'm excited about it, too.

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*looks at you and tilts its head*
(Β οΎŸο½€Β γ€‚7
Β ( ︢ヽ
Β Β UΒ UΒ Β )γƒŽ

, it's Wednesday! What have you been working on? :) :tootplanet:

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anger towards oppressors / those in an oppressing class is... valid and good actually.

maybe take a breathe and be more understanding of your social privileges and how you benefit from things or even contribute to harm of others instead of trying to tell vulnerable people to calm down

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I'm really sorry but this is a begging post Show more

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#introduction / #introductions:


I mostly write #Poetry.

I'm powered by cane since my Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis in '16.

I'm 32 and also have mobility issues, GAD, Depression, Chronic Pain & Fatigue.

- #Genderflux, #Ace & #Poly.
- No preferred pronouns.

-> You can find me at:

πŸ‘ @eloisa (my main, with Moderation announcements besides personal posts, etc.)

πŸ‘Ύ @TheVoid (my alt/ creative "teenage void" persona)

πŸ“· pixelfed.social/eloisa (my #photography)

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Here's the coldest take you'll get today and then I'm gonna stop on this for today cause I got shit to do:

If you think that there are more attacks on white people here, then you've got a humongous perception issue.

I'm gonna use this space to request that y'all leave some recommendations of POC users - particularly outspoken ones - that people should follow (if they are ok with it.) Most people see @Are0h around but there are so many more POC on this platform than just him.

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ableism exercise Show more

I think I've been making a lot more mistakes and typos than usual and this terrifies me, tbh

Period reminder that nothing you post on Mastodon is private: your admins and mods can see everything.

If you need to share sensitive information with someone, it's best to go on a service that encrypts your messages.

Know your admins and avoid instances whose staff you can't trust!

Planner/stationery/study nerds

If you love the look of Zebra Mildliners (or other pastel highlighters), please read this before purchasing them: jetpens.com/blog/pastel-highli

Mildliners smear pen ink, so check what type of pens you like to write with, specially if you plan on using them to highlight class notes etc.
Otherwise, they're best suited to highlighting printed text, or to be used as markers.

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it's a shame that Google Assistant doesn't let you set your names pronunciation with IPA

why is there no official :tootplanet: plaid shirt yet

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PSA: don't forget, your instance moderators need you to help by reporting anything that you think might violate the rules!

Reporting something doesn't automatically penalize anyone, so *you* don't need to worry about whether something is really actionable.

That's *our* job as moderators! All *you* need to do is help make sure we don't miss things by reporting them.

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