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Inspector Caracal

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DID YOU KNOW: The Beast, in Disney's animated Beauty and the Beast, has a baboon butt.

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Let's be honest, I wanted an entire side series that was just Uncle Iroh's Tea Shop. Iroh being an awesome old man and Zuko being an awkward teenager and serving people hot leaf juice.

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tired: late night shitposting
wired: late night critical analysis of Disney movie stereotypes

streak day 2 gotten by beating a Love Wignow with new words for my ace kink shifter novella. 💪 Good start!

If you wanted to feminize provocateur as a word, how would you do it, I don't know French.

ack I have 40 minutes and 440 words to get in

might have to throw my mushcode notes into it

hey is gonna expire in a few days, i'm not gonna renew it, it's $24/yr, does anyone else want it so it doesn't go back to the registrar and possibly gets squatted? i don't want it anymore

gently plats down this cool art/writing generator i made (with the help of my lovely friend

(js is dumb and i'm a baby, so the first reroll will always be the same as the starting value)

@aldersprig do you still have that white aviator stuff

or any of the aviator stuff


If anyone needs anything bought on the AH at discount, just let me know and shoot me the funds and I'll grab it for you.

It's important to realize that some things you may think of as absolute truth are in fact subjective and other people's first hand experiences may sharply disagree with yours. The world is a complex place.

The Iron Giant is one of the best movies and you will never convince me otherwise.

One of my friends said one of his life goals was to experience thundersnow. I said Show more

I love that three of these facts are, in order:

- man was alpha of a large wolf pack for years
- man who initially described alpha wolf/beta wolf concepts thinks they are wrong
- there are no such thing as alpha wolves

I'm thinking maybe focus instead on atmosphere. Like, don't bother with buying and using food items, but you can order food at a restaurant or a pub and get the service and stuff.

And now we play my favorite game: "how do I make food an interesting addition to the game without making in an obligatory mechanic?"

Very happy to announce the release of Fork Awesome 1.0. A fork of the iconic font and CSS toolkit known as Font Awesome.

With the release of this fork, you'll now find icons for open source projects such as #Mastodon, #Peertube, #Diaspora, #Scuttlebutt, etc.

We've hopefully also made the process of contributing a lot more easier.

Thx to @KnowPresent & @n8 for the support.

.....I am SO SURE that the orchestral music playing in this lounge area is from an anime movie but I cannot for the life of me place which