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PSA: do not tell me I am valid

I do not need nor want your validation and quite frankly I find the underlying assumption of my insecurity that such a statement requires to be insulting.

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Bucket theory, for the rest of you, is the idea that everyone has one bucket. Stressors add to the bucket. Some things like sleep and relaxing drain the bucket. But when the bucket is full, more stressors can't fit and it overflows and gets everywhere.

I like to call it "the cope bucket"

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I have gotten some good feedback from people and I am leaning towards using the attached image, combining the elements of my original idea with the unanimous feedback of "too dark".

Bonus from @maple are the choice of purple - # A000CE (get it???) - and the diagonal variant

I'm going to redo my :flag_asexual: icon and a special mention to @Aster (who made amazing icons using the darker one just now!) in case they want to change them!

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kiwi birds and kiwi fruit are all small and round and covered in hair so by that token everyone in New Zealand should also be small and round and covered in hair--- OH MY GOD I JUST DESCRIBED HOBBITS



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Reading this scene for the first time was an extremely influential and formative moment in my life.

Today I rediscovered all the summer clothes I bought LAST year.

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I was engaging in the eternally losing game of "are there any good doll makers on doll divine that are of *boys*" and came across some adorable bunny ones so of course I had to try making @maple

actually, I say "changes" but actually, looking back at the code, that's not changing the library at all, that's what I'm doing in the script *using* the library

which would be my tool

so I guess I don't need to fork it 🤔 well I'll keep the fork on hand anyway, just in case I change my mind.

So...I guess this is when I should learn how to do the whole thing to properly chain the library dependency.

I'm going to make a repo for my python conlang tool so I have links for when I make hopeful kitty ears at @noelle to tell me how to do things in python


(I should probably actually make the changes I worked out with her for the library I forked, first...)

the problem with drawing a ref sheet is that drawing someone from the front is the most difficult angle

Bleach (Re)watch Status: they've broken into Soul Society and almost immediately got separated, except for The Adorable Dork Pair, Ishida and Inoue

They're ALL such dumb teenagers though omg I love it.

I am still totally Ishida. The part where he pulls out his spare capelet omg.

@InspectorCaracal “you’re in the desert and there’s a tortoise. The tortoise lies on its back belly baking in the hot sun but you’re not helping, Leon. Why aren’t you helping?”
* yawns hugely, tongue curling *
* munches on own toes*

I was going to say "can you convince a computer that you're the computer" but that's too easy

the Turing Anti-Test

can you convince a human that you are the computer and the computer is the human

instance where your requirement is to fail the turing test while taking the Voight-Kampf test, but no one is informed this is the condition

instance where you say everyone has to be able to pass the Voight-Kampf test, but in actuality the request to take the Voight-Kampf test is a test in itself and the only way to pass is to point out how the Voight-Kampf test is an ineffective way to judge someone's humanity

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