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Do you like flowers or relaxing games? Then check out Flower Magic, my (first!) game!

Plant seeds, tend your flowers while they grow, and watch the seasons change over time. You can try to master the crossbreeding mechanic, discover how to grow all four Magic Flowers, or just relax with arranging your flowers.

The game is free with a pay-what-you-want option and is playable in your web browser, or with downloads for Windows, Mac and Linux.

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Hey all, since a bunch of people are migrating servers: if you were following me on your old account and sent me a follow request from your new one, ping me about it if you want me to approve in less than like two or three weeks. <.< I, ah. I don't check those very often. *cough*

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DID YOU KNOW: The Beast, in Disney's animated Beauty and the Beast, has a baboon butt.

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Let's be honest, I wanted an entire side series that was just Uncle Iroh's Tea Shop. Iroh being an awesome old man and Zuko being an awkward teenager and serving people hot leaf juice.

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tired: late night shitposting
wired: late night critical analysis of Disney movie stereotypes

The Internet says it's more like a third of a pound of meat, which is surprising and I feel must be due to some kind of bimodal distribution because like

one burger is a quarter pound right there

does the average American eat like a pound of meat a day or something crazy like that

some ebooks gems you missed out on while you run over a damn TV show

Two stories next to each other in the "local" section of my news feed:

* Baltimore is the 19th most prosperous city in the US since 2000

* Baltimore finally has an early-dismissal plan in place for schools when the weather gets too hot, because many of them don't have air conditioning


me: "nothing could possibly cause in me the reaction seen in people hating on the new thundercats"

also me: *imagines Marvin the Martian with a mouth and gets mad at myself*

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@InspectorCaracal True, but salt is also anti-magic (used to disperse and cleanse). It is and is not. Salt is god!!!

A couple of angry raccoons ran up the tree right outside our window. o.O We still don't know why but they're gone now.

we should all take a lesson from subatomic particles

no more gender, just charge and spin and flavor

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the fact that this came up in my image search results bothers me greatly



We had a storm come in this afternoon.

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FOUND IT. It was exactly where I thought it was, except UNDER all of the sheets and blankets.

Does anyone know where I left my pajama shirt?