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Hey everyone! I just started a new page to help support my attempts to be a Proper Game Dev with a Proper Game Studio

Check it out, maybe pledge a few dollars if you have them and want to help out, and thanks for reading either way. :3

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me: everyone's gender is a dragon

everyone: *envisions majestic/epic winged creatures*

me: mine's this anime dork

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Sending me a follow request?


I never think to check my follow requests, so it's either tell me or be willing to wait several months.

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Bucket theory, for the rest of you, is the idea that everyone has one bucket. Stressors add to the bucket. Some things like sleep and relaxing drain the bucket. But when the bucket is full, more stressors can't fit and it overflows and gets everywhere.

I like to call it "the cope bucket"

since it's hard to have a sense of scale when talking about large enough size differences, i've created this image so you know how big i am when i'm dynamaxed

note: this is only helpful if you've been to toronto

I can't remember for sure if Winry's response to Ed in the epilogue is as much "omg you nerd" as I remember it being but I'm not going to check because I love it too much (and he IS a nerd)

just realized i've been imagining @monorail as larger than she is because i keep forgetting she's a bipedal glaceon so her height is feet to head human-style and not feet to shoulders quadruped style

just watched an old episode of Jeopardy where a category was "three consecutive consonants" and the only word I could think of was whomst

When it comes to making up scientific names, the main difference between nerdy scientists today or a hundred years ago is that now there are more fandoms to pick from.

Here's a thought. I realise it's a little outlandish, perhaps even shocking, but hear me out. What if we... DIDN'T destroy Tokyo?

okay I have to go Do Things now I guess

like, you know, eat, and stuff.

> listen to his answer

You look at the Emperor and ask him if he agrees with you. He answers yes and says that he believes that you are right. He goes on to say that he hopes that you can convince him otherwise.



I still genuinely think FMA was one of the single best manga ever written

I would say "graphic-novel-type media" instead of manga but I haven't read enough European and South American stuff to make claims to that effect

I basically recommend it to anyone who can stomach supernatural body horror. It's not gory, just, you know. horror.

@lukesci @aldersprig so, short lore-light version: a lot of the plot of FMA is deep state politics, and specifically the deep state is all based in alchemy, and alchemy books are pretty much elaborate context-heavy recipe books

i'm very pleased with myself for remembering the term "deep state" when I finally had occasion to use it, and I'm also very amused that it was in the context of an anime plot

@Alexis @InspectorCaracal @Anke Everyone talks about falling off the edge of the earth, but cutting yourself on the corner of the earth is the real danger.

Vampire Prince shenanigans 

Vampire Prince shenanigans 

you, a fool: “comics, tv, film”

me, an intellectual: “rectangle-based storytelling”

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