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Hey everyone! I just started a new page to help support my attempts to be a Proper Game Dev with a Proper Game Studio

Check it out, maybe pledge a few dollars if you have them and want to help out, and thanks for reading either way. :3

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me: everyone's gender is a dragon

everyone: *envisions majestic/epic winged creatures*

me: mine's this anime dork

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Sending me a follow request?


I never think to check my follow requests, so it's either tell me or be willing to wait several months.

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Bucket theory, for the rest of you, is the idea that everyone has one bucket. Stressors add to the bucket. Some things like sleep and relaxing drain the bucket. But when the bucket is full, more stressors can't fit and it overflows and gets everywhere.

I like to call it "the cope bucket"

If you have executive dysfunction that makes it hard for you to make decisions, here are some tips for getting past it that I use!

- Use default decisions like "what I did last time".

- Keep a couple dice on hand and roll for the choice.

- Outsource the decision to a close trusted friend who is good at making decisions.

- For decision types that will come up a lot (like ordering at a restaurant), come up with a set of rules to rule things out until you're left with just one or two choices.

also now you all have a sense of what I meant when I said that my typing today is shit lmfao that wasn't even as bad as most of the stuff i've typed up today

listening to Caleb Hyles' Papermoon again and fuck me everyt ime I lsten to the beginnign of this song it's like oh my god who is this guy with this voice and then i realize this is caleb singing with the bottom half of his range and i" m like fUCK HOW

i'm going to punch my fatalistic creative insecurity in the face by writing a fanfiction outline

Help me identify this sci-fi novel! 

at this point what i should do is get food and make tea since i am already dressed warmly

feeling depressed and telling myself it's probably because i'm cold but it's not helping me actually go do anything about it



Could you help me with some pain relief for my chronic pain, plz?

Meds don't really work in this case. :\

I'm a 34 disabled year old unemployed person with Multiple Sclerosis among other things, and my PayPal is temporarily (I hope!) blocked, so I added some things to my wishlists that would help me regarding my back and legs:



Thank you for your help (boosts included, ofc, as they count, a LOT!). :blobheart:
#ShowUpForWishes #NeedHelp

@InspectorCaracal The cake is in the fridge. And looks like a head of cauliflower.

fun birthday party activity! make the birthday cake look like a regular household object with carefully crafted fondant, and then put it in an appropriate place for the object

in order to have cake, the kids have to figure out which object is the cake!


i don't mean that as any sort of commentary on the quality of fondant itself as a food product, i mean like

this cake looks like a tool box

this other cake looks like a boot

most of these fondant "sculptures" are just like, "how do we disguise this cake as something that is normally inedible" and, why?


i subbed to r/FondantHate the other day after harp's recommendation of it as a mood booster and y'all i still do not get it

i do not get this need for people to make cakes that look like inedible objects

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