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Hey everyone, especially and my Planeteers, I've got a request!

I recently 99% finished a Mastodon feature to allow follow requests at two different levels, giving follow requests three different options: Authorize, Semi-Authorize, and Reject.

I picked the "filter" icon from FontAwesome (see image for example) for lack of other suitable ideas, but if you have a better idea, please let me know!

(Code is here: github.com/TheInventrix/mastod - thread below for more details)

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Reading this scene for the first time was an extremely influential and formative moment in my life.

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Do you like flowers or relaxing games? Then check out Flower Magic, my (first!) game!

Plant seeds, tend your flowers while they grow, and watch the seasons change over time. You can try to master the crossbreeding mechanic, discover how to grow all four Magic Flowers, or just relax with arranging your flowers.

The game is free with a pay-what-you-want option and is playable in your web browser, or with downloads for Windows, Mac and Linux.


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Let's be honest, I wanted an entire side series that was just Uncle Iroh's Tea Shop. Iroh being an awesome old man and Zuko being an awkward teenager and serving people hot leaf juice.

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tired: late night shitposting
wired: late night critical analysis of Disney movie stereotypes

#MastoArt I'm taking some #ych #commissions using some old poses! Hmu by dm! I use square invoices, which requires an email address.

Current levels:
- $15 sketch (Wyx belongs to @kobold )
- $25 colored (Emmett belongs to @Ellteo 's wifey Missa, proxy credit okay'd)

🤔 I guess doing a SELECT for the max value of that column where the account ID matches the desired ID when adding a new row would do the first part, but not the renumbering.

THE KICKER: I also ideally want it to renumber the rows on deletion of a row in the middle so you'll always have a sequential series of integers.

Today's "this is probably a terrible idea" MySQL question!

How do you add a secondary column for a two-column primary key so that it will create and fill in the second column in sequentially increasing integers, starting at 1, for all rows containing a specific ID in column one?

column one is a reference to an account ID, and each account can have multiple rows in the table. If there are ten rows with account ID 1, the second column should contain the numbers 1 through 10 for each row

today a writer in my fandom who I really admire told me that SHE HAS ONE OF MY FICS AS A BUTTON ON HER HOME SCREEN

My circus residency takes place in a dynamic space with many types of creativity going on simultaneously.

Today I was told they would be adding dog training in one of the rooms.

During the conversation about accommodating this new addition I was asked to reorganize my class so that the noisy portion took place either at a different time or in a different area.

It was only hours later that I realized the clowns were asked to quiet down in order to allow the dogs to concentrate.


@InspectorCaracal "Oh, yeah, I finished the kitchen part way through episode 12, right before A found out about B. B doesn't know A knows, though, and I'm hoping to be finished with The Pile in my bedroom before that happens."

:brain1: peanuts are nuts
:brain2: peanuts are legumes, not nuts
:brain3: most mixed nuts have peanuts in them
:brain4: raISINS ARE NUTS

"Imagine a nightmarish future in which the essentials of life are ruthlessly supplied to all—one where each citizen is brutally denied the cliffhanging entertainment of recurrent life-and-death crises, and where there is not even a single genetically engineered hyper-intelligent carnivorous flightless parrot roaming daycare facilities.

Benevolent providence has so far protected us from such hellishly stable futures, but it cannot prevent authors from imagining them."


tired: quantifying house cleaning progress by jobs completed
wired: quantifying house cleaning progress by 20/10 sessions

inspired: quantifying your house cleaning progress by the episodes of anime you put on while you're cleaning

@InspectorCaracal anyway, that was my SQL rant for the afternoon. Thanks you, be sure to tip your admins.

finally do I have the proper way of looking at the fediverse :icon_mrgreen:

also yes it's fully functional and I'm actually using it as my main interface right now

Does anyone have any actual useful documentation on foreign keys as implemented in MySQL? I understand what they *are*, but I keep seeing them talked about like there's a specific mechanic for it without ever seeing anything actually resembling a specific mechanic.

last night I realized why like 99.9999% of video game devs go with the "gain experience to increase your level" mechanism

in related news, I need to think about the most efficient way to track known and equipped skills for an unspecified number of accounts with the capacity for later adding new skills to the game

I was on an early walk and found a guy staring at the telephone wires. I turned to see what he might be looking at, and he held a finger to his lips to quiet me. He whispered, “there’s a mockingbird up there. If you listen, he’ll ring like a bell.”

So we stood there in silence, and then the little bird opened his mouth and sang chimes to us. He rang like a bell.

The stranger and I looked at each other, then smiled and laughed as we went our separate ways. That was a nice way to start a day.