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I have gotten some good feedback from people and I am leaning towards using the attached image, combining the elements of my original idea with the unanimous feedback of "too dark".

Bonus from @maple are the choice of purple - # A000CE (get it???) - and the diagonal variant

I'm going to redo my :flag_asexual: icon and a special mention to @Aster (who made amazing icons using the darker one just now!) in case they want to change them!

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kiwi birds and kiwi fruit are all small and round and covered in hair so by that token everyone in New Zealand should also be small and round and covered in hair--- OH MY GOD I JUST DESCRIBED HOBBITS



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I'm Cal! I have loads of interests and I will talk your ear off if you get me on the right topic!

Also: - Cooking Without Spoons, a cooking blog for people who struggle with exec. function - I've put out a couple of free, low-stress PICO-8 games! - personal blog, little articles or small pieces of writing, erratically updated - my mastodon instance! We're purple and space!

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tired: Pride and Prejudice is a beautiful love story

wired: Pride and Prejudice is about two characters overcoming their flaws and improving as people.

inspired: Pride and Prejudice is a biting social comedy that makes fun of EVERYONE*.

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Reading this scene for the first time was an extremely influential and formative moment in my life.

oh it shrinks down SUPER well, I got the width of the grey border just right


This cretin has been dropping sticks down our chimney for weeks and today he finally accidentally dropped himself, this is the face of someone who knows they’ve been HAD


so now the question is, do I want to go Robin Hood or Lion King with this anthropomorphization here

*looks at a picture of the Baron from The Cat Returns*

....okay, maybe both IS an option

I want to make a new avatar. Should it be:

- a caracal
- an action bishounen

and because I know you all too well: no, "both" is not an option. Not this time.

The other day when I was cleaning up after the hedgies (mucky lil buggers they are, spreading their food everywhere, but I love 'em) a pigeon came to the bird feeder right next to me for some food and to say hello

I think I'm turning into a disney princess

I just heard someone say this and it's hard to disagree: unicorns are much more plausible that giraffes

Son: "Is this Mickey Minnie Mouse?"
Me: "Mickey. ...Honestly, they could be the same mouse. It's just whether he's wearing mascara and a bow or not."

Someone ( made a whole GameBoy dev studio for making topdown 2D RPG-style games
Like, as in, it literally exports to a gameboy rom

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Silly idea: Nyan Cat as faster-than-light travel. Stick two dilithium poptarts in the toaster, and sit back next to a porthole, watching the undulating rainbow and enjoying the music (or putting on your noise-cancelling headphones, taking a migraine pill, and being glad it doesn't take long to travel between the stars).

(my oldest character is actually an asura warrior I haven't really played much, he turned 4 last week)

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