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me: everyone's gender is a dragon

everyone: *envisions majestic/epic winged creatures*

me: mine's this anime dork

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Sending me a follow request?


I never think to check my follow requests, so it's either tell me or be willing to wait several months.

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Bucket theory, for the rest of you, is the idea that everyone has one bucket. Stressors add to the bucket. Some things like sleep and relaxing drain the bucket. But when the bucket is full, more stressors can't fit and it overflows and gets everywhere.

I like to call it "the cope bucket"

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I have gotten some good feedback from people and I am leaning towards using the attached image, combining the elements of my original idea with the unanimous feedback of "too dark".

Bonus from @maple are the choice of purple - # A000CE (get it???) - and the diagonal variant

I'm going to redo my :flag_asexual: icon and a special mention to @Aster (who made amazing icons using the darker one just now!) in case they want to change them!

sometimes during the shading stage I realize I made a fundamental miscalculation in the base shape and I erase a big chunk of it or even all of it and start over

thinking about shading in pixel art as i do more hair 'cause mavica was asking about it and i just realized one of the probably least obvious but key things i do is that i will change the shape of the art to accommodate the shading

like, i don't _just_ start with a base and then add shadows and highlight; i do that, then i change the base when i realize i don't have enough room to do this shading or too much empty space in this other area or whatever

nothing's really "set" until i'm done

it's happened to me a few times but i don't actually know why my brain jumped to it just now

Brains are Mysterious

like i don't feel encouraged or validated when someone does that, i feel like they're judging me and making themselves feel better about it

apropos of nothing, you know what kinda sucks is when you're like enthusiastically showing a thing you like and someone comes up and is like "good for you! don't be ashamed of what you like!"

like, great, thanks! now I know I'm apparently supposed to be ashamed of this and need reassurance! cool, cool

okay i want a shower, i need to go do that BEFORE I start art for a third hair type

I was thinking about the word "cavalier" earlier today, and how it's clearly related to French "chevalier" and Spanish "caballero", and those are from "cheval" and "caballo" respectively, but then I got stuck. They're Romance languages, but the Latin for "horse" is "equus", isn't it?

Turns out Latin borrowed "caballus", meaning "draft horse, workhorse" from an unknown language, but it was originally only poetic; it doesn't appear in prose until Vulgar Latin, where it replaced "equus".


all of gaul was divided into three parts. but everything changed when the fire nation attacked

Today I am excited about:

LÖVR is a open source, VR game engine made by Bjorn Swenson. As of today version 0.13 is released:

And, of specific interest to me, this is the first version to officially support Oculus Quest!

LÖVR is the basis for the commercial game I've been making for the last year and a half. I maintain LÖVR's Oculus Mobile port, plus this repo (forked from my game) of helper classes and tools:

i love how this is trying to be an insult to Indivisible when in reality it just makes the game sound more awesome lol

very negative about people 

i can buy a 256 gigabyte data storage object that would fit into the pocket of jeans sold for women

this is amazing

a concept:

y'know how freya's chariot is drawn by cats? imagine the god of ultimate chll that gets pulled around in a chariot drawn by a team of capybaras

i got no idea what is going on in the fediverse but many people seem greatly distressed, so please take these capybaras with you

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