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Reading this scene for the first time was an extremely influential and formative moment in my life.

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Do you like flowers or relaxing games? Then check out Flower Magic, my (first!) game!

Plant seeds, tend your flowers while they grow, and watch the seasons change over time. You can try to master the crossbreeding mechanic, discover how to grow all four Magic Flowers, or just relax with arranging your flowers.

The game is free with a pay-what-you-want option and is playable in your web browser, or with downloads for Windows, Mac and Linux.


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Let's be honest, I wanted an entire side series that was just Uncle Iroh's Tea Shop. Iroh being an awesome old man and Zuko being an awkward teenager and serving people hot leaf juice.

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tired: late night shitposting
wired: late night critical analysis of Disney movie stereotypes

Ah, /r/legaladvice/...

"I hired someone to take my online History class. He outsourced the work to someone in Africa, and that person emailed my professor and reported me for cheating. The person I hired refuses to refund the money. What recourse do I have?"


Quick q, Masto: who are your favorite queer smut artists? Real envelope pushers. I need some names for a work thing

Prohibido enviar niรฑos a la Zona Fantasma.

Reading this scene for the first time was an extremely influential and formative moment in my life.

E :mojojojo: is the best joke in the fediverse, that's it, we've reached the peak

masto admin PSA: please feel free to copy any and every emoji I make, they're for using, not for hoarding

@InspectorCaracal pants are like two very long skirts fastened together! Only much close fitting and with compression wrinkles from material being pushed up around the ankles, so they're not really like skirts at all!

The "Trial of a Time Lord" version of the Doctor Who theme sounds like someone just sat on a keyboard with an arpeggiator enabled and a chromatic percussion patch set

I think I have to get rid of Love Nikki, it takes up too much space and I can't move it to my SD card. :(

I almost dumped like $10 on a cash shop outfit when it was in the store because I wanted the boots. Just the boots.

They got swapped out of stock again before I made up my mind. >.>

No lie though, there's a reason GW2 players nicknamed it Fashion Wars.

I spent like 5 hours running through one dungeon multiple times in order to earn enough dungeon currency to buy a pair of gloves to unlock the skin. I salvaged the actual gloves for parts.

Or when I spent several days playing as much WvW as I could in order to finish a festival reward track before the end of the festival to get a greatsword skin. Just the skin, no weapon.

(There's actually a free version of GW2, by the way. It has limited ability to interact with other players to avoid gold farming, but it's otherwise the full base game.)

WoW: we are no longer charging a token game purchase fee, just bleeding your wallet for the rest of the time you play.

GW2: Yeah you have to buy the game, but that's it, you can play forever, no extra charge.

WoW: relies on gamer addiction to keep up revenue

GW2: relies on playing dress up with your characters to keep up revenue

Blizzard has apparently announced that they aren't charging you for the WoW game itself anymore, just the monthly subscription, so I'd like to take a moment to observe that one of the best MMOs out there, GW2, has no subscription fee.

(Why is this funny to me? The Battle Chest included a month's subscription for free. Blizzard gets lots of goodwill at a cost to them of roughly $5 per player.)

Blizzard is ditching the up-front cost for #WorldOfWarcraft - the base game and every expansion except the current one requires only a subscription now instead of a Battle Chest purchase. pcgamer.com/world-of-warcraft-


Me: Eh, right eyes are to bothersome, I'll do only left eyes when sketching. Can't hurt. Right?

Me now: Whyyyyy?