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Sensors indicate a massive ball of white boiled grains shaped into a triangular form.

Data: "It appears to be a jelly donut."
Everyone looks at Data incredulously.
Data: "... my data banks indicate that this particular configuration of edible grains and maritime vegetation is commonly known as a "jelly donut". In the twentieth century animated television show called 'Sailor Moon', the characters frequently--"
Picard: "Thank you, Data. Let us investigate the phenomenon further, shall we?"

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kiwi birds and kiwi fruit are all small and round and covered in hair so by that token everyone in New Zealand should also be small and round and covered in hair--- OH MY GOD I JUST DESCRIBED HOBBITS



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I'm Cal! I have loads of interests and I will talk your ear off if you get me on the right topic!

Also: - Cooking Without Spoons, a cooking blog for people who struggle with exec. function - I've put out a couple of free, low-stress PICO-8 games! - personal blog, little articles or small pieces of writing, erratically updated - my mastodon instance! We're purple and space!

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tired: Pride and Prejudice is a beautiful love story

wired: Pride and Prejudice is about two characters overcoming their flaws and improving as people.

inspired: Pride and Prejudice is a biting social comedy that makes fun of EVERYONE*.

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Reading this scene for the first time was an extremely influential and formative moment in my life.

A new fossil bed along the Qingjiang River in China, dating back to the Cambrian era (slightly earlier than the Burgess Shale), has turned out to be a treasure trove. Half the species found there haven't been previously described, and an incredible amount of soft tissue has been preserved, yielding unprecedented detail:


Every time you start to say "talented" or "have talent", say "skilled" or "have skill" instead.

for those times when there's those two people you follow arguing at each other and you're like pls shh

feature idea: "mute conversation" but for your home timeline not just your notifications

@InspectorCaracal It comes complete with the 1375 equivalent of 'Like and subscribe!'

<< So ends the first part of this tale. All who would like to hear more should offer an 'Our Father' to the High King of Heaven for the noble Earl of Hereford, Sir Humphrey de Bohun, nephew of old King Edward who lies at Gloucester. For he is the first to have this tale translated from French into English for the benefit of all Englishmen; whoever prays thus, may God grant him bliss! >>

WOW no wonder the second half of The Big O confused the hell out of me, I apparently somehow missed a gigantic crucial plot element when I was watching it. As I just discovered while reading Wikipedia.

(I have contact information; I just didn't want to share it with the whole web πŸ˜… Contact me if you want it.) #cats #NoVA

NoVA-area 9-year-old ginger tabby kitty looking for a new home since her owner's in hospice. Now with pictures! #cats #NoVA

So previously we've established that despite not being foxes, wolves are still good fuzzies. Cats by definition are awesome. Plus mice are quite nice. Today I'd like to note that squirrel furries are as good as they are floof tailed.

So give your local squirrel or squirrel hybrid a friendly wave today.

Gentle reminder to not mock people for being excited about trying something new just because it’s well inside your comfort zone. There are so many valid reasons someone might just be discovering itβ€”it’s never too late. Be excited for them!

Are there any good ghost/cryptid/etc. investigation TV series that aren't just a bunch of Bros wandering around with nonsense "technology" and terrible editing?

OH WOW so I saw the note on Gunnerkrigg Court that Tom Siddell got married and IT TURNS OUT IT WAS TO THE PERSON WHO DOES MONSTER PULSE


bottom line please visit lesbiaboard if you like web 1.0 and want something less ephemeral than mastodon, it sorely needs the activity

"Nebuchadnezzar Sunshine PelÑez" that is one heck of a random name you got there, BtN, w o w 🀣

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