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just according to keikaku @InspectorCaracal

PSA: don't forget, your instance moderators need you to help by reporting anything that you think might violate the rules!

Reporting something doesn't automatically penalize anyone, so *you* don't need to worry about whether something is really actionable.

That's *our* job as moderators! All *you* need to do is help make sure we don't miss things by reporting them.

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As a follow up: if you feel confident that your reports are actionable but are never acted on, I suggest finding a new instance with a more active moderation policy.

And, as always, I'm happy to help explain things about mastodon or give advice about moving instances, even if you're not on my instance or planning to move here.

This PSA is prompted by the recent... discourse? I guess? People talking about anti harassment stuff.

The software being designed around an awareness of harassment is important, but so is knowing that people will actually use the anti-harassment tools that are available.

Do your part, report harassment and rules violations. 👍

💭 oh no, I sound like one of those propaganda campaigns, like Uncle Sam or Smokey the Bear or something... 😅