... I don't know what to do D: does this mean I can pay to unlock a route or is it locking me into something or both??? Aaaaa decision anxiety aaaaaa


This was the correct choice oh my gosh this story just gets MORE AND MORE INTRIGUING :blobaww: blobaww

Also look at how adorable this snake familiar is aaaa *boops her snoot*

(marked sensitive for the unfortunate people with snake phobia)

...... ARGH

do coins recharge over time?? I don't want to pick the free option 😭

@Terrana most of these games give you ways to earn currency for free, I just have to find it...

I'll wait a week if I have to for this one!!

@InspectorCaracal Speaking of game currency, would you still like to sell my Flight Rising dragons?

AHA. This is how you do it. I'll come back to this game tomorrow.

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