hello I'm just really enjoying the updates to my instance's theme and I want you all to enjoy it too so here is a non-mobile-view screenshot thanks


Fun fact: the origin of the light theme on Toot Planet was literally me one day going "I wonder how it would look if I took a screenshot of my instance and inverted all the colors", doing it, and going "DANG that looks NICE"

@archadia I did do a whole bunch of tweaks afterwards to keep things from being too bright and such, but like, the background image is literally just the purple one color-inverted

@InspectorCaracal that’s great! Are you editing the templates to change the feed titles or...?

@sivy Just the localization files to change the text, but for the icon changes I had to dig into the JavaScript files.

@jared ooh, a fellow .space instance!

So, that's a little complicated. The short version is, I can't push the updated css to my forked repo for another week and a half, but I do keep all of my changes on my fork's repository. And you're totally welcome to copy my mess of a custom.scss file! But I'd appreciate it if you get your own background image and use a slightlydifferent color scheme for your own instance?

... unless you're not the admin, which just occurred to me as a possibility.

@InspectorCaracal haha yes, i'm #teamSpace too^^. That's another reason why i loved your theme. But don't worry there'se's no emergency at all^^. Plus, no, i'm not the admin on that instance so i'm not even in position to rebrand it 😜

Of course I'm totally OK with tweaking your theme and changing the background. I was actually intending to ask your permission to do so 😉

@jared I dunno how to apply the theme as a user, unfortunately, I know nothing about client side styling 😅

@InspectorCaracal i usually use stylus for firefox and apply a css overlay. But i can also ask the admin of my other instance to do it server side. ( already has a custom template and wording)

@jared I'll get you the link to my theme css file then, it should apply over it just fine!

@jared oh and if you're using it locally just for yourself I don't mind you using the tootplanet colors :3

Look at that theme @tagadmin ! With a few tweaks it can be a pretty cool option for CNBT's rebranding. Cause we can't wait for @Dhveszak forever ^^

(hi @InspectorCaracal i switched accounts^^)

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