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just according to keikaku @InspectorCaracal

tired: Pride and Prejudice is a beautiful love story

wired: Pride and Prejudice is about two characters overcoming their flaws and improving as people.

inspired: Pride and Prejudice is a biting social comedy that makes fun of EVERYONE*.

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* except Jane and Bingley. Jane and Bingley are wonderful and adorable and precious innocents.

@InspectorCaracal Jane and Bingley are obviously secret serial killers.

@InspectorCaracal this is all simultaneously true.

@Rowyn correct~ it's like physics, basic highschool level physics is still accurate, it's just not a very thorough or nuanced understanding of physics

@InspectorCaracal but Bingley and Jane are the most precious of cinnamon rolls. PROTECC

@InspectorCaracal *rolls around in happy Austen feels*
*wrote an entire book because she loves Austen so much she had to write her own but with polyam*