"Are Black Holes Actually Dark Energy Stars?" http://nautil.us/blog/are-black-holes-actually-dark-energy-stars

Speculation until there's evidence, but it's exciting that there could be a model of the universe that doesn't have singularities, because those are pretty scary

@InspectorCaracal @gargron
scientists ca 1800: "space is filled with an ether, a mysterious fluid that transmits waves of light"
scientists ca 1900: "bullshit, it's empty, light is a different kind of wave"
scientists ca 1950: "well, it's filled with fields that can transmit stuff, but they're virtual"
scientists ca 2000: "space is a lot like a fluid actually"

@chr @InspectorCaracal @Gargron can we bring back the phrase "splendiferous ether"? I want to bring that back


@Anke @troubleMoney @chr @Gargron technically, I think splendiferous includes the generation of splendor, while splendid indicates that there is a quality of splendor in the thing

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