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just according to keikaku @InspectorCaracal

I'm Cal! I have loads of interests and I will talk your ear off if you get me on the right topic!


spoons.clockworkcaracal.com - Cooking Without Spoons, a cooking blog for people who struggle with exec. function

insp-caracal.itch.io/ - I've put out a couple of free, low-stress PICO-8 games!

scribbles.clockworkcaracal.com - personal blog, little articles or small pieces of writing, erratically updated

tootplanet.space - my mastodon instance! We're purple and space!

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At the moment, my blogs are sort of on... forced hiatus, as the software I use to update them shat itself and I, ironically, haven't had the "spoons" to fix it...

I love the cooking blog! Very good! Very useful! Thank you!

@InspectorCaracal I'm glad you made the cooking blog, as someone with Exec Dysfunction, (and frankly disliking cooking) I'm glad it exists as a resource. If I have ideas for things, is there a way to submit them to you?