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watson what are you doing get off the anvil come on

just according to keikaku @InspectorCaracal

also yes I named my minecraft dog Watson and as of this moment I have decided if I ever have a boy dog he is going to be named Watson I don't care if my spouse disagrees it must be so

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@skysailor I don't think he would disagree, honestly, but I hadn't realized how PERFECT a name for one's dog Watson is??

@skysailor in my head I am imagining that the character Watson is somewhat offended by this but y'know what I am okay with that

@skysailor 🤣 yes! oh gosh now I'm thinking about my favorite wtf adaptation in existence, Sherlock Hound

@InspectorCaracal @skysailor Just wait until he publishes stories he's written about your life :D