There are two possible reasons for "no one knows why ___" being put into in a fictional setting.

1) The author wants the element to be hidden to the people in the world and left as a mystery for the readers.

2) The author has nfi why, either.

@aldersprig I suspected but was unsure XD

(I am. uhm. I am both. At the same time. 🤣 )

@InspectorCaracal OTOH, in a roleplaying game manual, this is done most often to allow the GM to make up an answer for their own campaign, so that the players can't know everything by reading the books.

@FASA_Andrew_1879 @InspectorCaracal One of the best games I ever ran, I did this and made shit up on the fly.

I literally just threw a glowing green gem that turned into a goo-trap when touched (straight out of Eye of Argon) into the group. No plan for what it was or what it did.

Watched them run around, sat and looked mysterious, answered questions they rolled high enough on with whatever popped into my head.

I eventually let them 'figure it out'. They loved that session.

@jessmahler @FASA_Andrew_1879 Part of why I think FATE is great because it's literally built around the idea of making stuff up as you go, like this. xD

@FASA_Andrew_1879 Unrelatedly, I got curious and looked up the game you work(ed?) on and now I'm going to read all the demonstrative blog posts :D!

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