LB: while that post is funny on the surface, real clowns actually have like, clown training and stuff, so it's actually a meaningful distinction. >.> It's basically wearing a uniform for a job you don't have.

@pillowcat Hey now, indie clowns still train for their job even if it's self-taught, I ain't no paperwork gatekeeper.

@InspectorCaracal Ah, that's fair. Forgive me if my gut reaction was that when you said "training" I thought you were exclusively referring to clown college.

@InspectorCaracal If I saw someone with a knife, wearing a creepy clown costume, I don't think it would matter to me?

@Anke Well, no, but I was pretty clearly not talking about the situation, I was talking about the sheriff's comment.

@InspectorCaracal I thought the weird/funny thing was that creepy, armed folks in clown costumes would be only something to wory about if they were actual clowns, not just people dressing up as clowns.
I guess I only heard about the worst of those sightings :)

@InspectorCaracal of course, that only makes it funnier that the sheriff would think "they're not real clowns" was *reassuring*. What does he think real clowns are trained to do? O_O

@Rowyn @InspectorCaracal terrible, terrible things. Still they are at least not mimes. Even the world's most famous special forces will retreat when faced with mimes. The world's deadliest and most silent assassins.

@Rowyn @InspectorCaracal

Pratfalls, mostly. Pratfalls and very very broad acting that makes sense to the nosebleed seats.

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