tired: build true AI in order to further human evolution towards the technological singularity

wired: build true AI in order to learn more about the nature of intelligence

inspired: build true AI in order to create the Digital World and give everyone digimon partners

@InspectorCaracal I haven't seen Digimon, but I've seen some nostalgia reviews of it, and now I kinda want a baby T-rex in a hoodie

@DialMforMara @InspectorCaracal Agumon is smaller than Dragonite and has no wings but i see the similarity

@DialMforMara the most recent Digimon TV series aired from 2016-17 and there's a new movie coming out this year......

@DialMforMara I don't actually know what that one was like, it's on my to-watch list because I am SUPER behind on my anime. 😭 But it looks like a cool modernized take on the digiverse.

The more recent Digimon tri movie series, I have a lot of issues with.... but they're trying to play into nostalgia, so I don't really count them as new installments.

I only just found out about the movie in production, though, when checking the air date for that last series, I hope it's good.

@InspectorCaracal I’d be down for that, but I’d settle for a mega man battle network style net Navi

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