ugh I fucking hate those kinds of warnings no matter where they show up. Points to them for having a "Trust this domain" option at least.

@anthracite it's the "links are spoopy" part that makes me want to smash things

@InspectorCaracal @anthracite IT REALLY DOES

this does not make you sound hip and happenin', Discord, it makes you sound like you think your users are toddlers.

@Rowyn @InspectorCaracal

They kinda are. It’s targeted solidly at GAMERZZZ, which is an identity that’s tied up with sitting on your ass all day playing instead of, like, doing anything. And pitching a fit when the people who make your toys change them, or try to make you share them.

The only time I have had Discord running regularly was during a D&D game that used it, and I constantly felt rubbed the wrong way by all the things Discord did to make itself feel like a safe space for gamerz. Just opening it up and being greeted by some gamer idiocy like LEEROY JENKIINNNSSS or CONSTRUCT ADDITIONAL PYLONS while it loaded kinda made me feel like I was not welcome. Once that game ended I decided the feeling was mutual and deleted it,

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