now I've got an itch to write TNG fanfic and it's all @maple 's fault.........

(I have no faith in my ability to stick to it long enough to write a complete story, even a mini one-off...)

Maybe I'll try a thousand word one about a jelly donut and dedicate it to her >.>


Sensors indicate a massive ball of white boiled grains shaped into a triangular form.

Data: "It appears to be a jelly donut."
Everyone looks at Data incredulously.
Data: "... my data banks indicate that this particular configuration of edible grains and maritime vegetation is commonly known as a "jelly donut". In the twentieth century animated television show called 'Sailor Moon', the characters frequently--"
Picard: "Thank you, Data. Let us investigate the phenomenon further, shall we?"

If no one appreciates this joke I'm gonna cry

(Not really, just be mildly disappointed. >.>)

@InspectorCaracal *looks at rice ball with sour plum in the middle* gosh i sure love donuts!!

@scoots @InspectorCaracal GUINAN: "What can I do for you, Data?"
DATA: "I seek refreshment. May I have a... frosty mug of water?"
GUINAN: "I don't think I've ever served one of those before, but I'll see what I can do."

@scoots @noelle it's so weird to me how like in Japan you can't have red blood splatters and in the US you can't have alcohol references so the localizations of the Gyakuten Kenji games are like double censored xD

@scoots @noelle @InspectorCaracal and the nice hot tea from Tenchi Muyo that strangely made people tipsy.

@InspectorCaracal once I finish ROFLing I'll need your contact information so the insurance knows who to bill :}

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