@monorail I hate that school so much. SO MUCH. THE CLASSES SUCKED. I mean I might've flunked out from academic overload anyway but still it SUCKED.

@monorail I flunked intro statics TWICE. TWICE!! Because the whole class was structured like "here is a type of problem, here is the formula to get the solution, memorize it and use it correctly in the exams" and I was like, I can't learn like this! I don't understand anything!!

Fast forward a couple years, J was telling me an anecdote from his statics class elsewhere, the professor opened the first day writing F=0 on the board and saying "This is what we're going to be doing all semester"

@monorail I was like OMFG


@InspectorCaracal oh that fucking sucks

if you want to see someone teach math in a way that honestly would make math classes so much better for me, check out 3blue1brown on youtube. most of his videos are cool little math problems with beautiful solutions but he has a whole series on linear algebra and one on calculus. the calculus one spends like two thirds of the time building up intuitions, so by the time you actually see a formula, it's obvious why that would have to be what the formula is

@monorail oh this is all old history but I might check that out sometime :3

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