@polychrome @InvaderXan So it sounds like it doesn't actually have an on/off state so if it gets power again at all, if the electronics are still intact, it could be rebooted by a ping from Earth - which they've been trying.

If the problem is that the solar panels weren't blown clean enough again for it to have enough power, then the primary problem for eventual restarting is the rover won't be able to stay warm enough over the winter to avoid the electronics being destroyed.

@polychrome @InvaderXan The solar panels being covered by dust and shutting off the rover happened earlier on in the dust season but the post-storm winds cleaned the panels off enough that it could restart. This time, the panels weren't very well positioned to be hit by sunlight when the storm hit, so it's possible the panels were cleaned off a little but not enough to get sufficient power to run.

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