Internal conflict:

* Wanting to build online RPGs inspired by classic TTRPGs with monsters and loot.

* Wanting to only make pacifistic games, because "Kill 'Em All" gets boring after a while. ("Master Of Puppets" is better anyway - can we get some non-lethal political intrigue games, please?)

@InspectorCaracal but they're in conflict!

I can't stick to only making pacifist games, and then also make a game about randomly killing monsters for arbitrary loot.

@zatnosk but you can totally make a pacifist game about randomly ____ing monsters for loot with loose plot justifications and just fill in the blank with a verb that isn't "kill". 😉

@InspectorCaracal yeah, but can I build it as a federated MUD (#mudstodon) and let other people do their thing with content and dungeons and stuff, and still expect it to be pacifistic?

@zatnosk Depends on what you mean.

Can you build a game system based entirely on non-combat mechanics that still carries core TTRPG design concepts, that will continue being pacifist when running other people's campaigns (so to speak)? Definitely.

Can you build a pacifist open sourced game framework where people can't write their own combat mechanics into the codebase in their implementation? No, of course not, you can't control other people's server code.


@zatnosk But in the second situation, you can easily write *your* implementation to simply ignore combat mechanics elsewhere as unsupported. So in that sense, your game does remain pacifist. And you can include license restrictions if you want to disallow use of your code for game violence.

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