I have gotten some good feedback from people and I am leaning towards using the attached image, combining the elements of my original idea with the unanimous feedback of "too dark".

Bonus from @maple are the choice of purple - # A000CE (get it???) - and the diagonal variant

I'm going to redo my :flag_asexual: icon and a special mention to @Aster (who made amazing icons using the darker one just now!) in case they want to change them!

please tell me if you think it was a bad choice I am second-guessing everything ha ha

@InspectorCaracal I love this idea! May I ask what the significance of the diagonal flag is? I'm just curious as to whether it has a different meaning, or is simply an aesthetic variant. ^^

@Rheall I think it's just because it looks cool, you'll have to ask @maple if there's anything besides aesthetics :3

@maple @InspectorCaracal @Rheall it does help it stand out from other flags too :0 which can be helpful for people whom have vision issues

@revolverocelot @InspectorCaracal @Rheall yeah, i did it for the aesthetics but also because i wanted something to deviate from the boring old "all pride flags are just color stripes stacked onto each other"

so i didn't quite see the accessibility angle but i'm glad it's there!

@InspectorCaracal Btw, here's a quick and dirty version of @maple's flag as an #emojo for anyone to use! :da_cuddle:

@InspectorCaracal I was just going to suggest something similar, since I saw the alt and thought the purple was too bright while the gray looked like white. I think these versions are better.

However, I'm not sure about the diagonal stripes. Since it's such a hard shape to reproduce manually, I think there should be some kind of way to tell where the diagonal stripe should start/finish D:

@Aster I like the diagonal one as a non-standard variant for situations where they work, myself, and the horizontal stripes as the main one. :3

@Aster it might be worth it to start the diagonal at the corners 🤔

@Aster I wound up changing it a bit so that the purple edges go from corner to midpoint, which I think is fairly clear to follow? You are of course welcome to do it differently!

@InspectorCaracal do you only have the updated flag as the same one that's on the emoji?

I don't know how to work with diagonal stripes on Photoshop/Inkscape, but if you can get me a 5000x3000 version of the flag, I can directly contact the folks at and maybe get it there sooner

@Aster I have an SVG of it from maple! Let me upload it to my server and link you

re: emoji spam (without emoji repetition) 

@InspectorCaracal @maple @Aster

Oh damn that diagonal one is nice.

I am not sure my opinion matters in this, I like sex.

@ben Now I want to dress my Sylvari mesmer in ace pride colors... 🤔

@InspectorCaracal do you have the racing scarf, by the way?

@ben I do not! I haven't gotten the roller beetle yet, we're still only on Episode... 3? of Season 4

@InspectorCaracal you can rent the beetle for 1 silver per hour at each of the races

The reason I mention the scarf is that its dye pattern is stripes of channel 1-2-3-2-1

And I'm wearing it in the screenshot

@InspectorCaracal probably you can guess from all the "[x] liked your toot!" notifications but I'm really into all of this.

@gladdecease I actually have star/boost notifications turned off >.> I have to actually go check a post if I wanna see how many stars or boosts it has

@InspectorCaracal @maple @Aster is there a reason you’re redoing the existing asexual flag? I just stumbled into this thread and Amaroq doesn’t show pinned toots or anything so I don’t know how else to figure out what’s happening. Sorry

@maple @InspectorCaracal oh! Interesting I had no clue that’s what the white stripe stood for

@mecaka @maple Yeah, that's my major and primary motivation. There's also the secondary motivations that the previous ace flag is a fairly underwhelming greyscale monochrome because of the position and tone of the purple and is thus not actually a very appealing flag.

@InspectorCaracal @maple yeah that sounds really cool! I like what you have here and the diagonal is cool and different!

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