Bucket theory, for the rest of you, is the idea that everyone has one bucket. Stressors add to the bucket. Some things like sleep and relaxing drain the bucket. But when the bucket is full, more stressors can't fit and it overflows and gets everywhere.

I like to call it "the cope bucket"

@InspectorCaracal Is 'the drop that made the bucket overflow' a saying in English? In dutch you have a saying that's just that, like 'the straw that broke the camel's back'.

@thiskurt not so far as I know, which is funny because it's much more experientially relatable than a camel

@thiskurt @InspectorCaracal in danish it's a cup that overflows. It's most often used in a context of getting angry after a period of annoyance or frustration. And it's so well known that it's been shortened to just "The Drop".
As in, if someone does something that has been bugging you for a while, and you get angry, you'd say "That was the drop!"

... It sounds more natural in danish.

Det var dråben!

@zatnosk @thiskurt in English, a cup overflowing is associated with getting a lot of good things, a la the biblical quote

@InspectorCaracal Interesting. My kid's elementary school uses the opposite bucket metaphor, though it's more focused on how you impact other people's buckets than how you can handle your own: Rather than a bucket of stress it's a bucket of positive feelings, and you can either contribute to your classmates' buckets with kindness as a "bucket filler" or empty them out with hitting, rudeness etc. as a "bucket dipper."

@KelsonV I never like that direction because it implies that there is a maximum of kindness beyond which there is no point in being kind, but it does fit with English language idioms better. :blobshrug:

@archadia i can relate 🙃

I think mine is a decent size but the only thing I can use to take stuff back out is like a 1mL pipette

@InspectorCaracal yessssssss

Since Lut was diagnosed with cancer, the bottom half of my bucket filled up with goop that does not drain ever. It takes a lot less additional stress to overflow it now. -_-

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