I still can't get over the preface Charlotte Bronte wrote for Wuthering Heights that basically apologizes for how terrible the book is and gives you the cliff notes for the story so you don't have to read it.

I went to try to find it and I find this treasure of a gem which is wonderful but definitely NOT what I read


It might be the "biographical foreword" or whatnot I mentioned? I skimmed that part.

I'm very confused! This preface linked above appears to be the one that follows the biographical notice in question, but how on earth would I have interpreted it as "this novel is not very good, here is a summary to save you the trouble of reading it"? And it doesn't read as familiar

@InspectorCaracal "this novel is not very good, here is a summary to save you the trouble of reading it" is ABSOLUTELY how I feel about Wuthering Heights, tho. Totally what Charlotte should've written if maybe not as the preface.

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