Is Babylon 5 the "Star Trek but not Star Trek" series?

@InspectorCaracal Maybe as "the gritty one we wanted before we had DS9" ?

@trini Well what I meant is that it was originally intended to be a Star Trek series but didn't get picked up as a Star Trek series so they redid the Star Trek specific parts and ran with it anyway

@InspectorCaracal IIRC its creator pitched it as a Star Trek series, and Paramount turned him down because they were already in pre-production on DS9, so he went off and made it himself (with Warner Bros. eventually producing it).

@fluffy @noelle J was just telling me that a bunch of the B5 writers basically abandoned ship and moved to DS9 at some point

@InspectorCaracal @noelle I didn't know about that, but like, the basic premise of DS9 was very much borrowed from B5.

@noelle Yes, that's the backstory I remembered, excellent! Having never seen the majority of these shows, I have a lot of trouble remembering which titles go along with which pieces of trivia

@InspectorCaracal Babylon 5 is 'Star Trek but not Star Trek' but in another way Star Trek Discovery is too.

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