I should think about getting ready to go.

*stares into space, thinking about it*

@Wsteria here, since I don't have a gi yet. But it is hot and i dont want to sit and sweat for longer in it than i have to

@InspectorCaracal I skipped yesterday because I overdid it with boxes, I've been grumpy alllll day

@Wsteria oof sorry to hear it

Have you looked at aikido dojos near your new locale?

@InspectorCaracal I have! There are two, I need to double check the travel times.
I want to go to the farther away one but three times a week commuting while maintaining a law school schedule....

@Wsteria hmmm

Anything else nearby you can combine a trip with in regards to errands?

@InspectorCaracal Not necessarily... but I'm going to the farther away one, I think, it's part of my association.
Mom points out I can cut down to once a week, just during the first year of law school. I think that's reasonable, given a 40 minute commute each way.

@Wsteria that really is a long commute o.o;

...After we move, mine'll probably be similar, though...

@InspectorCaracal I mean, it's walking and riding the train, it won't take spoons too much, just time.

@Wsteria you could possibly do some school work on the train?

I'm just thinking about how much of a mental health benefit you get from going and that the first year out there is going to be a lot of New Thing stress. >.>

@InspectorCaracal I'll go as often as I can, but I don't know how often that will be.

@InspectorCaracal The closer by one is only 30 minutes away, but, ehn.

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