what the fuck a monthly pass for the local public transit system is over a hundred dollars


unless you go round trip every single bloody day it costs less to just pay the ticket????

@InspectorCaracal probably only worth it to people who do long commutes (@_@;)

@InspectorCaracal that's probably the intended audience, yeah

I'm guessing you don't have the option to get a card and recharge it when needed?

@b sadly, no

i've been doing the ticket booklets, which is the most economic and convenient option available, but since I am starting to use the bus more I figured I would go see at what point it would be worth it to get the card

if I was *commuting by bus* it would not be more economic to get the card. more convenient, yes, but it might actually cost me more.

@InspectorCaracal I wonder if the card covers trips between cities o.o

@b @InspectorCaracal The "whole network" ticket here covers Cologne, Bonn, some smaller towns, and even some train lines leading out, including the one I take to visit my mother.

@b @InspectorCaracal Costs over 200 euros a month for a single person to buy, but I get one through my job that they get for like 80 euros.

@Anke @InspectorCaracal Mine covers only Brasília and surrounding towns/cities (but only the lines that come here)

It's not a pass, though, it's a rechargeable card. You can take round trips at a discounted rate, though, which basically halved my public transit expenses (I need to take two buses or the subway and a bus to school)

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