if you wouldn't exclude trans women by specifying they're trans instead of women then don't fucking do it to trans men either


i'm just really super tired of people waving around Trans Acceptance flags at trans men and trans masc people as if saying "no YOU'RE okay because you're a TRANS man" is being nice and supportive

it isn't

it's telling us "you are not a real man because real men are awful"

@InspectorCaracal Hehhh.
Gotta say, I'm now visualizing, "Ugh, John Doe, you're so awful, I now accept your masculinity where before I was being awful about it."

@Wsteria I want to be amused except I find it hard to believe this doesn't actually happen ._.

@InspectorCaracal I'm taking torts this semester, I'm cultivating a good streak of dark humor.

@InspectorCaracal This was ironically my upbringing.
The women in my life were always the 'Men are Awful and inherently Evil, and Women are pure and inherently enlightened" types.

Like Gee, I wonder why I grew up with massive gender issues and empathize as much with my transmasc friends as my transfemme friends?

@InspectorCaracal Well, jokes on those old biddies, turns out there was some shit they didn't know.

Like if you go thru all the rituals and truly Believe, even someone with an xy chromosome set can be a Witch. ...Oh, and it seems like I was born intersex anyways, so I get past all that shit on a Technicality, I just convinced myself I was male because I wasn't a Woman.

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