the moment in the Avengers where Cap gets the WIzard of Oz reference is the single most relatable moment for me in the entire MCU

not because he understood the reference, but because of the implicit constant lost confusion that he's in all of the time with all of these cultural touchstones he's never heard of and SUDDENLY HE UNDERSTANDS A THING

there's some really biting social commentary one could make around the idea of someone who is supposed to personify the very best of US ideals feeling alien and out of place in the current US but I don't have the skills to pull it off


the fact that the mcu writers don't have the skill to pull it off either is one of the things i will always lament :ohno:

@katrani they don't seem to be hiring comics writers with that skill either

*eyes the Captain America 'Hail Hydra' image with extreme bale*

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