here's a question

which animated character's voice - movie or cartoon - sounds the most like how you imagine mine would sound?

if you are thinking about what my actual real voice sounds like, you are excluded from this query. >.>

@b okay so my first thought was "I'M MAMORU MIYANO????" and then I was like self, no, you need to go do the English VA, and then I was trying to find a clip and instead I found a 25 second video about J Michael Tatum being excited about playing him again and he says:

"I have never played a character who was more like _me_ *laugh* in just real life? ever? WHICH MAKES IT DIFFICULT, in some ways"


@b every single other person in that room makes me cringe, but him and the VA for the woman on the other end of the phone who I'm not sure if I know because I only saw episode 1 are excellent

@b like there are not a lot of voice actors who I feel come close to Miyano's range of solemnity to over-the-top but


@InspectorCaracal Young Justice.

Although when I was listening to the videos I couldn't decide if him or Impulse >.>

@aldersprig i was reading through my tumblr archive a while ago and had until that point completely forgotten the entire period where I was totally obsessed with that show

@InspectorCaracal i feel like i would be lying to myself, the universe, and god if i answered anything but milo from disney's atlantis

@InspectorCaracal this is definitely because he was your icon at one time, but Milo Thatch for sure.


Grain of salt, cause it's hard for me to "develop" voices i can "hear" for online friends, but i think... yakko from animaniacs is prooobably closest??? Might just be the dryness but yeah.

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