Hey if anyone wants to pool together (with each other, not me) the resources to buy a house on a 14 acre woodland property at a 2-3 hundred grand price point, let me know.

I know this is weird and probably fruitless, but I'm serious about it.

My parents can't afford the local taxes anymore and I'd be really happy knowing the place I grew up wasn't being subdivided into crappy commuter housing.

@InspectorCaracal Our goal is to get a place like this eventually, but we've 5+ years from being ready....

Good luck finding someone, I'll boost as I can.

@InspectorCaracal Thanks. Geography is the problem for me. I was just asking in the off chance it would be near me.

@whami I figured! Thanks anyway~ it's too bad it wasn't the right area.


it is not completely unfeasible, my friends from England managed to do something similar in 2013 and their housing co-op is still going (although the blog is rarely updated, they avoid corporate social media to some extent and haven't yet discovered Mastodon)

@InspectorCaracal Can I suggest, in line with achieving your goal, that it might be an idea to say where on the planet the house stands?

@rah you can, or you could look at the replies and see I already answered that

@InspectorCaracal Ah this is clearly where the Fediverse falls down. I can see no such reply. I expect the person you replied to has blocked my Mastodon server and hence I cannot see either their reply or your reply to it.

@rah ah! possibly

usually I open up the thread on the source site when I want to see the replies, myself. the idea that everything should and is funnelled through to a single end-point in a decentralized network is a bit silly.

@InspectorCaracal super long shot, but what country/state in this in?

@balrogboogie US, southern New York!

I've been regretting not putting that in the initial post for days, lol

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