All right, trying again, but better!

If anyone is in the market for a house, or wants to pool together with some other people for a house, in the $200-300k range: my parents need to sell theirs. Southern NYS.

The house is two story, 4 bedroom, has its own well, 14 acres (mostly trees, a few swampy areas), 10min drive minimum to things, no public transit.

As the home I grew up in, I want it to go to people, not developers.

If you are at all interested, DM me with your questions!


@piggo Housing prices vary enormously in different regions of the US, it's ridiculous.

Where I live right now, it's nigh impossible to find a 2 bedroom house that isn't a townhouse or a condo for under $400k. But my parents' place hasn't managed to sell.

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