"The term “currying” has nothing at all to do with the delicious foodstuff. Instead, it’s named after the mathematician Haskell Curry, who rediscovered a technique devised by another mathematician named Moses Schönfinkel. While Haskell Curry certainly contributed heaps to computer science, I think we’ve missed a fun opportunity to have a useful programming technique called schönfinkeling."

Until I looked up the history of the term, I assumed it had to do with the /other/ meaning of "curry", which has to do with preparation and grooming (you see it most often - unless you're a horse person - in "curry favor").

@alice @noelle Well, I meant this, but the way I said it was confusing: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Curry My friends from India claim that "curry" is best literally translated as "gravy" and that they way we use it in America was initially very confusing to them because it has a more specific meaning here.


@benhamill @alice @noelle this is the American Way

borrow general words from other languages to mean a very specific interpretation of it related to a culture that speaks the language

(e.g. sombrero)

@InspectorCaracal @alice @noelle It's really the English way. We've been doing it for hundreds of years. Cf. "parley" from French.

@benhamill @alice @noelle Absolutely true.

I was mostly just amused at using the phrase "the American Way". >.> (I think we might do it slightly more these days than England does.)

@InspectorCaracal @alice @noelle That's an interesting idea! 🤔 I don't know how you'd best measure that, but hmm hmmm…

@benhamill You'd need some data tracking on adopting new words and where they were sourced from, which I assume exist in contemporary linguistic studies but I don't happen to have on me. <.<

@benhamill @InspectorCaracal @noelle I don't know either but I usually consider the USA to be the cutting edge of asshattery so *shrug*

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