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I hate levelling dragons in the coliseum 😫

the coliseum is just such a shitty battle system I'm sorry but it's true, even with the changes they're doing to improve it, it needs a complete overhaul

just according to keikaku @InspectorCaracal

at the VERY LEAST, it should give basic magic attacks an increased damage output to account for not doing damage with their energy-gain attacks.


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@InspectorCaracal when I played it, the game didn't even have any reasonable defensive or utility items - all the gear you get bolsters your damaging power. There's also little concern for your dragon's base stats.

@MeimuHakurei I have a team which sort of passes for tank/heal/damage which makes it slightly less mind-numbingly boring to play, but it's also frustrating because everything's "a chance"

your dragon has "a chance" to defend the dragon they're guarding, or "a chance" to reflect an attack, or etc.

@MeimuHakurei and it's designed so caster breeds are absolute shit compared to physical breeds and that makes me so angry

@InspectorCaracal the guides say you want one that does the healing for late-game grinding so your physicals can fight for longer to beat bosses. In the final areas, oneshotting everything no longer works. But yeah, spell-using dragons are pretty shafted.

@MeimuHakurei casters have to use like 2/3 of their turns just on gaining energy until they're high enough level to give the energy regain boost stones and they don't get better base damage to balance the fact that they do damage less often. It's stupid. 😒

@InspectorCaracal @MeimuHakurei iirc physical builds have a skill which is significantly better than every other skill in the game, I forgot what it was called tho

@Shotagonist @MeimuHakurei Still does, tbh, does a massive amount of damage AND if you KO the enemy with it, you get all your energy back, because physical dragons of course are the ones who have trouble gaining energy in combat. 😒

@InspectorCaracal @Shotagonist damage of course being roughly equal to using an elemental skill that hits the enemy's weakness.

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