lmfao by the third Japanese word they gave up trying to represent the pronunciations with English sounds

waiting to find out what happens if I hang out where Tequatl jumps down into the battle area from

because Why Not

I have fond memories of these critters and the dark, fathomless pits of their gazes.

One of my formative experiences as an MMO tank was running around outside the Elvaan city, seeing how large a horde I could collect of them swarming me, because they could hit me all they want and I was TOTALLY UNFAZED.


today I learned there is a mini of a Joko Funko POP!

I swear to you I am not joking

accidentally made hemlock's current look basically like Transmasc Rights lol

(yes, it WAS actually accidental)


please look at this screenshot and appreciate that this sequence involves the animators animating the same character doing the same thing at two completely different angles, perfectly synchronized

looking at that concept art for Del Toro's Smaug design and all I can think is "that head shape looks a LOT like Kralkatorrik" and now I'm wondering how much of that was not an accident....


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