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just according to keikaku @InspectorCaracal@tootplanet.space

Okay, like, so, the whole Split Faces thing, where you have half of one character's face on one side and the other half of the other character's face on the other, like, it's cool, it's got a strong message, but YOU'VE GOTTA LINE UP THE GODDAMN FACES

this self-portrait doodle is like eight years old now but it remains my favorite I have ever done

oops it's 1am

well I listened to a bunch of good music and drew a couple lousy sketches trying to get a feel for drawing younger Leo when he's being, like, normal, so yay? bed time

Oh hey, I forgot I drew this.

Three different existing castings of Sherlock Holmes, sketched, with cat ears.

while I'm digging through my folder, here, have some

is it clear enough what the idea behind this is supposed to be or no

Hey everyone, especially and my Planeteers, I've got a request!

I recently 99% finished a Mastodon feature to allow follow requests at two different levels, giving follow requests three different options: Authorize, Semi-Authorize, and Reject.

I picked the "filter" icon from FontAwesome (see image for example) for lack of other suitable ideas, but if you have a better idea, please let me know!

(Code is here: github.com/TheInventrix/mastod - thread below for more details)

...Okay, Brave, I don't know what you were thinking here but this was a Terrible Design Idea.

all right, ruby on rails devs et al, what's wrong with this

and if nothing's wrong with it, why isn't it working

not that anyone's reading this but this is what the console log said when it failed there this time

Why am I getting this when I try to log in for the first time with a test user I created? :|

I have discovered the existence of Timothy Dexter and I need to read this book. If I can stand it.

OKAY EVERYONE that's it everyone go home the best nerd joke of the month has already happened in my notifications, y'all come back in October @misterich


Here's the palette I made/used, in case y'all want it. Hopefully mastodon doesn't heck it up too much.

I made a palette and drew a referenceless rose to test it out. It's pretty.

literally the first chest after I decide to switch to DMs: