Day one of "Pokemon Based On Random Wikipedia Articles":

Kofa, the King pokemon

y'all get to decide what type(s) this... thing, is

look at my beautiful, hyper-simplified daily temperature generation output

it's beautiful

lol accurate

(Not exactly spoilers for MAiZ but it won't make sense if you're not roughly up-to-date. <.<)

I am not an Undertale fan and was insufficiently Determined to even get past the dog town, but this looks SUPER interesting.

And I do love a schemeing well-intentioned Artemis.

(The link to the story in the screenshot: )

are we doing "who else used this one specific computer thing I never hear anyone else talk about ever" because I've got one

GEOS for the PC

cw: morbid humor

I was laughing so hard at myself here y'all have NO IDEA

knives, looking for a photoref Show more

why the heck do all these hunting knife image results look so FANCY wtf internet

Today's wallpaper is one of my favorites, a background painting from Kiki's Delivery Service.

This is SO MUCH better. :D Now I can have the hover text be the whole description while leaving the alt text usefully concise.

I will never get tired of how my sylvari mesmer has an otherwise invisible mesmer-colored nightglow. 😎

I made pizza again!

(Take two: I forgot to hide the image and then THE SITE FROZE)

This isn't nearly as amusing if you aren't up on what the current storyline in is but if you *are* this exchange in the comments made me laugh out loud

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