Initial sea pickle placement, at night, with and without shaders my search for a coral reef, I think I found.... an underwater stronghold....? uhhhh

boating along looking for a warm ocean and i saw the color appear and was like THERE IT IS!!!!!!!

well fuck this is way too good for the amount of effort i put into it

did some self-indulgent stress drawing earlier, have a bishounen

cw eye contact for the particularly sensitive, it's a rough line sketch

this is the first time in my minecraft life that i have dug all the way down to bedrock

i am very excited

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This spot here seems to be the crux of the issue.

There is no way this one space of air should be air.

I will... try filling it with water I guess? Let's see how that works...

all right so we can officially write this giant hole down as A Glitch because uh

everything I know about water physics in minecraft says this should be filled in now too

I guess I should double-check there's no stray dirt blocks under water...?

See, look, LOOK

I started removing the wall from the midpoint of the arc instead of from the edge, like I should have the first time, and IT WORKED BEAUTIFULLY.

Once I take out this middle wall and all the old safety ledges, it should fix the other half!

But the part that's filling in properly? Look how lovely it is from inside :D

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