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just according to keikaku @InspectorCaracal@tootplanet.space

this comment on the latest page of is SO GOOD and 10000% SPOILERS

If you are up to date with Monster Pulse as if the beginning of the month, though, it won't really spoil much.

I can't decide if I want to see what this is or not...

lyn's being a great game design rubber duck for me today

I built a thing for a closer look and help wHAT IS THIS SPARKLING WHAT DOES IT MEAN

it's there during the day too and I'm getting anxious about not knowing what it is. 😭

uhhhhh okay why does this one part of the ruins have like... a strange sparkly glow over it....???????

It's really hard to see in the screenshot when nothing is moving, but those little tiny yellowish dots in the sky above the cursor.

Slowly working on renovating this cool ruin into a proper house and it starts raining, lol.

I really like this Ruins mod but it kind of sucks at natural-seeming placements of structures...

The knock off game is strong with this one.

screenshot RTing myself because I feel like this toot encapsulates my gender history better than anything else I have ever posted.

this is proving surprisingly difficult


I think I'm going to go and make it an actual masto theme for my instance, because Why Not

I think I have successfully captured the core essence of Yu-Gi-Oh in this line.