one of my Catz - I think Klondike, the b&w shorthair - keeps putting everything up on counters and chairs and shelves. >.>

one of the things I have found absolutely fascinating is how wildly different hair length descriptors are for people socialized as boys and people socialized as girls

you can see it super clearly just with an image search

if you're thinking "strings" means "classical music" then haha uh cough yes sure

looking through my .sai files in this folder because I'm sure I drew Theo with a hat SOMEWHERE and I found

this gem

I was going to change my header image to the "both wolves are named toby" meme image but then I went to look at my profile to see what my header image is right now and I can't

I can't change this

I love it too much

I'm gonna do this too!!

I know basically nothing about Pokemon so you are free to come up with whatever six you feel are most likely without being concerned over my deciding you are Wrong, Actually

Reposting this publicly with caption text because I like it.

@revolverocelot 's fursona turned pink

This picture, which is linked to on that page and which would immediately be recognized by anyone who's heard of Sherlock Holmes as being Sherlock Holmes, has exactly ONE characteristic that is accurate to the canon stories.

That one thing is the nose.

The only thing that made me give up that hat was how awesome that dragonmask helmet is.


oh GOSH I just found some old screenshots from when my SO and I were little babies on GW2, look how ugly our outfits were lmao

date trick still works like a charm

now that they're adult though I'm gonna go normal time :3

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