okay okay



i don't care about kojima or kojima's games in any regard let me just say that right off the bat but I just got on Steam and TELL ME

tell me this doesn't just look like a shitty photoshop of Sean Bean's face omg

I went to deal with something and came back and my compose field here just said:

> my

and I was like

OC bullshit, picrews 

I don't know what the idea behind this picrew actually is but oh my god

is it making your own photobomb avatar??? XD

took this "gender role test" thing i saw floating around and got Casually Masculine which tbh sounds about spot-on


imagine being someone who sees that write-up and is like "oh! this sounds like a fun parody anime!" and then is faced with This in the First Chapter

i mean, LB, but also, if this isn't the epitome of Goth Horse, then nothing is

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