Okay y'all help me out with some

Fruits are about an inch across, seem to be ripe now, have been growing slowly for weeks. Interior is translucent greenish yellow, very juicy, looked a lot like a grape.

Plant is a shrub or small tree, maybe 8-10 feet tall?


all the definitions for "frenemy" here are the opposite of what I wanted to use it for.

i am both disappointed that i don't have vocabulary for this after all, and relieved that I don't have to use the word because I hate the way it sounds.


turns out that the reason I couldn't figure out why the hell "visibility" would be returning "null" via the API is

it wasn't fucking returning "null" at all

no idea why the tusky dev thinks it does

I'm super in the mood to listen to Kajiura tonight, actually!! *queues up ALLLLLlllllll my Kajiura music because Why Not*

if you haven't looked at my profile you are Missing Out on the Greatest Header Image

i can't be bothered to get my tablet and change to Drawing Position so here is a top quality mouse-drawn sketch of me sitting at my desk right now

"Where's the public invite code??" in the most obvious place: the registration form! 😎

i'm so happy that i can officially say that my server has the prettiest theme without feeling guilty about not having fixed weird upgrade CSS fails

'cause they all be fixed now 😎

i'm really excited about the dice rolling even though i have basically no practical application for it right now in my own life

but look it's so coooool [5d10] -> 30 (9, 7, 6, 5, 3)

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