@Wsteria it's basically exactly like writing a short story except you don't have to make up the details and your main thread isn't a narrative fiction it's a topic exploration

@Wsteria the trick is to try to break your paper topic up into smaller pieces right at the beginning before you start doing the research so that you can focus your research better, but then also be willing to change your subdivisions and potentially revise your main topic as you get more information

@Wsteria if it's a small paper you probably only need like two tiers of sub-points; a larger paper and you'll probably wind up with more like three or four tiers

@Wsteria once you've done all that, you organize all of those sub-point and sub-sub-points so that they flow into each other nicely and that's your outline

then you just write the paper following the outline! usually you want one paragraph per individual point that you're making, which helps keep your topic broken up into sufficiently-sized points as well because if it's too small you can't get a whole paragraph, while too big and it's a wall-of-text

@Wsteria oh oh oh i know this i figured this one out a few years ago

first you come up with a topic/claim, then you write up a loose outline breaking your topic/claim up into sub-points

then you go do research about each of those sub-points and take notes of the things you find that relate to your sub-points and add in an additional sub-sub-points for each piece you got from your research

@aldersprig well i'm at the part where he's menacing the people and I'm like :blobaww: !!! so I think you probably did good lmao

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