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anyone who thinks feathers ruined dinosaurs being scary has never encountered an angry goose

barbara black sheep

new fursona concept up for grabs first come first serve

oh hey

what if you took the poll feature of mastodon and made it so that replying with

[x] choice you want

marked the poll as being voted on by that account for that option

@chr i'm not entirely sure but it's worth looking up

also, making a list of some groups/artists that do the style and seeing what the list of genres they have on wikipedia are

@Satsuma when you don't like getting follow requests from strangers and have a note in your bio or a pinned toot saying "please talk to me first before trying to follow me"

there's a *lot* of people around the fediverse with that

@katrani @vicorva I don't think you ever actually *see* what Gabumon looks like under the fur pelt but I forever have a headcanon that it basically looks like Agumon's Shy Little Sibling

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