@jay @chr no one thought of it as "godot's theme", I promise, it was just "the youtube link that got passed around to listen to with Rainy Mood"

I knew what it was because I'm an Ace Attorney fan. πŸ˜“

@jay @chr I probably just outed myself as Internet Old by talking about this anyway

@jay @chr this is how I felt when Godot's theme was floating around as "listen to this song while listening to RainyMood" and no one knew what the song was and everyone just thought of it as Mood Jazz Music and I was like

this is my life now

A new fossil bed along the Qingjiang River in China, dating back to the Cambrian era (slightly earlier than the Burgess Shale), has turned out to be a treasure trove. Half the species found there haven't been previously described, and an incredible amount of soft tissue has been preserved, yielding unprecedented detail: arstechnica.com/science/2019/0


Every time you start to say "talented" or "have talent", say "skilled" or "have skill" instead.

@cosine It's been that way for... a while, but it could've been as recently as a year and a half ago. I definitely remember when Eugen added it, so it was within the past two years for sure.

@cosine hrm no it should be server side, because it'd be done via the feed insert worker, wouldn't it?

@cosine ...that's a good question, I don't know! It's probably client side.

@cosine mine moves quite slowly in the grand scheme of things so it is very uncommon for me to see something boosted up more than a couple of times overall within a 24 hour period

@cosine yes >.> I don't know what the cutoff point is, so if your home timeline moves extremely fast it might pop up again after only a short period of *time*, but it won't be re-hoisted if it's still within the past X posts in your home timeline

@Wsteria I was reading over the out of date recommended quests post and there was a dungeon keeper something crossover and I was immediately like

my AI spaceship dungeoncore fic idea

I want to do it as a quest :blobaww:

@cosine a boosted post doesn't get hoisted in your home timeline if it's already there, at least

for those times when there's those two people you follow arguing at each other and you're like pls shh

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