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Inspector Caracal

All the jokes in Hudson Hawk were like jokes you put in when you know there needs to be a joke at this point in the story but you can’t come up with a good one right now so you put the shittiest one you can think of right now in there to make yourself put a real one in later. Except later never came for this script.

they call it Windows 10 because it takes 10 minutes to become responsive after it starts up

@katrani sure, dm me the email address you want me to use and i'll send the spreadsheet tomorrow

@katrani You should read up on natal chart astrology, then! :D A brief overview of the meaning of each sign, planet, and relationship is basically all you need to get started, but that is still substantial.

I could also send you my reference spreadsheet but I don't know how useful it'd be for anyone but me...

@katrani Long answer: the way you determine daily horoscopes is by how the movement of the planets interact on the astrological wheel in relation to your natal chart. The movements etc. are called transits.

@katrani It kind of is, honestly, but it's one of those things that, like, you can look at it as deeply or as shallowly as you want?

I know hardly ANYTHING about transit astrology though and it is a thing I want to remedy but it's hard to find good resources. Most of what I know, I learned by poking at lots of different websites and this one thread on the BPAL forums.


My own Saturn return started LITERALLY THE DAY I GOT MARRIED.

@freosan this is not entiiiirely accurate since it's not specifically age based but it may in fact be so, dm me your birthday so I can check? (I am curious)

@daHob don't be too envious, with all this rain we're getting I'm expecting it to just dissolve into slush.

@katrani oh boy that is My Thing, I hunt those down

@daHob yeah well around here the weather changes fast enough that it could be either. :P also it's supposed to snow tonight, hence assuming it was sleet when I heard it on the windows.

Oh, I guess that was hail, not sleet, because that's thunder. ⛈