@purplemontart (long story short, too many things were broken and I don't have the mental energy or motivation to figure out which of my changes had broken what, so I just pulled them out)

@thiskurt *raises hand*

It's _only_ in the movie version of Wizard of Oz with Judy Garland. In the original books, it is absolutely not a dream.

I have the sudden and deep desire to take part in a long-distance D&D sorta thing (why? who knows), so if any of you are DMs and want a flaky and inexperienced player, gimme a shout xD

@archadia there's a tiny link that says "only put up a redirect on your profile" which uses the old method of just pointing at the new account when you visit the old account

@archadia ooooooh

I just went to do the "moved to X" thing as well and I see what you mean

it looks like mastodon implemented something that will automatically redirect your followers to the new account, but it requires you to be moving from one mastodon server to a different mastodon server

the 'back-reference' is the option right under "Move to a different account" that says something like "move from a different account", I believe

@Anke oh I'm absolutely not recommending only watching star trek xD

In my case, this is actually the first time I've seen these shows! We've gone through ToS and TNG and we're in season 3 of DS9 and just started Voyager. 💪

I miss having an anime series in the rotation, though.

@purplemontart also lbr civet coffee is nothing compared to the multi-cultural tradition of burying fish in the ground for a while before digging it back up and eating it.

eating animal bits 

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