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just according to keikaku @InspectorCaracal@tootplanet.space

#MastoArt I'm taking some #ych #commissions using some old poses! Hmu by dm! I use square invoices, which requires an email address.

Current levels:
- $15 sketch (Wyx belongs to @kobold )
- $25 colored (Emmett belongs to @Ellteo 's wifey Missa, proxy credit okay'd)

@pobocks it was fine I was just afk! Thank you, you gave me a bunch of stuff to read up on

@noelle I follow most of what you're saying, but I don't really understand why my setup makes trading items a nightmare. That's just a case of decrement-or-deleting the item in one player's inventory and add-or-incrementing it into the other?

@noelle okay!! I am always welcome to alternative and potentially superior ideas, that's part of why I ask the questions here instead of *just* doing internet searches. >.>

@pobocks I'm perfectly happy doing it at the app level, honestly, since should only need to be done in conjunction with the app adding or deleting rows anyway, but ideally it wouldn't be too much more resource intensive...

@noelle Well, right now I have the unique primary key as a combination of account and item IDs but if I want to make the item IDs a foreign key then I can't use it as part of the primary key, so I need another value to link to each row associated with each account ID in order to form a unique row key

@noelle Also, having a sequential ordered list opens the possibility of manually reordering one's inventory.

@noelle because I don't want an auto-increment column in my inventories table <.<

๐Ÿค” I guess doing a SELECT for the max value of that column where the account ID matches the desired ID when adding a new row would do the first part, but not the renumbering.

THE KICKER: I also ideally want it to renumber the rows on deletion of a row in the middle so you'll always have a sequential series of integers.

Today's "this is probably a terrible idea" MySQL question!

How do you add a secondary column for a two-column primary key so that it will create and fill in the second column in sequentially increasing integers, starting at 1, for all rows containing a specific ID in column one?

column one is a reference to an account ID, and each account can have multiple rows in the table. If there are ten rows with account ID 1, the second column should contain the numbers 1 through 10 for each row

@freosan probably because she likes the premise and is enjoying your different execution of it ;P

today a writer in my fandom who I really admire told me that SHE HAS ONE OF MY FICS AS A BUTTON ON HER HOME SCREEN

@noelle I initially read this as "bear on a chicken" and was very confused

My circus residency takes place in a dynamic space with many types of creativity going on simultaneously.

Today I was told they would be adding dog training in one of the rooms.

During the conversation about accommodating this new addition I was asked to reorganize my class so that the noisy portion took place either at a different time or in a different area.

It was only hours later that I realized the clowns were asked to quiet down in order to allow the dogs to concentrate.


@Wsteria also, a tip: there is almost never a good reason to peel carrots. Especially not when you're going to be boiling them for two hours. Scrub 'em with a vegetable scrubber when you wash them and you're good.