Has anyone tried the Passion Planner or the Momentum Planner?

Did you like it? Was it worth the investment? Are the free printables useful, and should I try them first?

Alternatively, do you have materials on goal setting and planning that you'd recommend?

(I've been using a for over three years now, and I'm going to try using + to keep track of projects and master lists. My bujo is where I tackle schedules and tasks)

@wottermelon the feeling of freedom and rebellion when you pay an artist a whole bunch more than they charged you is GREAT

artist: okay, your commission comes out to $20
me, chuckling: I don't think so
artist: ???
me, laughing louder as I tip a bunch: hahahaHAHAHA

LB is an interesting read but the link within it has a few really excellent points so I'm linking it myself curiouscat.me/InnuendoStudios/

ContraPoints meta hot take (served with a side of Death of the Author) (452 words) Show more

remember kids: "ufo" doesn't mean "alien spacecraft", it just means "unidentified flying object". anything in the sky can be a ufo if youre bad enough at identifying things

sewing! - and masculinity, gendering, misogyny, environmental pol Show more

I have a new book out! Frost and Desire, an M/M fantasy romance! Sorcerors! Doing terrible things and then struggling to fix them! It's fun. n_n

Book launch post: rowyn.dreamwidth.org/636372.ht

Buy link: books2read.com/frostanddesire

Honestly though, again from a game design angle, the entire idea of a "default choice" in your character design should be abolished.

Every option should aim to be equally interesting. Every option should have built-in pros and cons. The baseline should be what you build each option from, it should not be in itself an option.

@noelle I don't know what the other attributes look like or if it would need additional balancing but it looks good to meeeee

@noelle YES. :blobaww: this is extremely good actually, I would submit everyone playing 5e should use this as house rules

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