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I want one of those cute little robots!
Thank goodness they don't ship outside the US, so I saved a chunk of money (and can wait for other people to point out privacy risks...)

"write what you know" is BAD advice, A Thread Show more

"write what you know" is BAD advice, A Thread Show more

"write what you know" is BAD advice, A Thread Show more

"Worldbuilding isn’t rocket science (unless, of course, you’re doing hard SF about space travel, in which case, of course, it is.)"

The perfect summary.

Getting the Ace Squad and the Pan Squad together for Team All or Nothing

Feeling ready for a storytime.

Have I ever told you about my partner's lifelong pet and my nemesis?

This is it. You can practically see the evil in its pores.

(Thread. The rest will be unlisted.)

[Candid unstaged shot of a rock holding a wand, probably to curse me with]

don’t you hate it when your cat falls asleep on your keyboard

There's a book series we remember reading years and years ago that I'd like to find again. Is anyone familiar with a YA novel about an alternate steampunk-ish Victorian society with space travel, where the main characters live on a space station and at some point it turns out their mom was a deity of some sort who created the solar system (but only the solar system)? Some kind of alien spiders come into it somewhere too.

Inktober 10 - jaroszek -a Slavic demon that appears as a wounded hare to lure people into the marsh. But if caught they will act as household guardian spirits.

#inktober #inktober2018 #art

Very easy to do Extra Fabulous style emoticons


How hard is it to compile open source code for an app and get it on your phone? I have never done it before.

Windows did the thing where it realizes it forgot to give me my notifications for the last like half hour and gives them to me all at once. Thanks, Windows.

I seriously thought these two guys were making out when I started reading it and I was like


I got distracted from writing by how surreal this politics article is and also how Incredibly Gay the last two lines are like oh my god

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