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πŸ’­ did you assume this man was heterosexual? I bet you did

*dramatic movie announcer voice*

one man...

in a world...

full of lesbians....

#SuperSmashBros players: when a new challenger appears in silhouette, do you ever get the urge to say "who's that Pokemon"?

Filled a corkboard with post-it-notes with all my key plot points for this problem edit. I FEEL GOOD. I can see all my plot! In front of me! In real physical space!

It looks a lot less overwhelming this way, and I don't fall into the trap I have on Scrivener of trying to cram tons of details into the index card descriptions.


Hey it's #IAmNonbinary day!!
I'm Nin and I love to use a lot of colors, draw action poses & pin ups and comics!
I hope to someday do work as an illustrator or animator!
#mastoart #art #illustration #lgbt

Every time I worry that I'm running out of time to make my mark on the world I remember that Tollund Man took 16 centuries before he was recognized for his achievement of being preserved in a peat bog with a noose around his neck.

It's never too late.

in the mythical times some fursonas were so popular, everyone believed in them

Are you, or someone you know, taking d&d commissions?

My dog is staring out the window barking at, what appears to me to be, nothing.

I've been reading early 20th century weird fiction and horror recently, and my first thought was that the dog had encountered a demon hiding in the aether in the space between worlds.

Like, I heard her barking, and my natural instinct was "oh, don't worry about it. She's just barking at demons in the aether in the space between worlds. That's perfectly normal for a dog to do."

I need to get out more.

Another screenshot from my game . Here's the town's church (also it rains in this part of town because it's a gritty place!) Can't wait to share the website with you all!

LB: while that post is funny on the surface, real clowns actually have like, clown training and stuff, so it's actually a meaningful distinction. >.> It's basically wearing a uniform for a job you don't have.

I can never find it, but back during all those clown sightings there was an article where a sheriff was telling people not to worry because "he believed it wasn't real clowns, just people in clown outfits" and I think about that all the time

How hard would it be for me to add a feature to search your own toots without my having to install elastisearch, though.

It's always good to know that Japan knows exactly what I want in a comic:

This is now SOLVED, thanks for the boosts!

Wonderful @c8rz solved the sigil mystery -- it's by now-defunct Tumblr account 'everydaysigils', and the creator Eden Black (@galaxiablack on Insta/Birdsite) has collected their sigils into a zine.

These museum resolutions...

1. Relieve yourself of the burden of solving institutional inequity through superficial programmatic shifts

2. Recall that your institution is not part of some distant European colonial past but remains part of the ongoing project of colonial domination

3. Remember that you are not your institution.

4. Recall that you can invite in communities that you have ignored historically [w/o asking for] uncompensated labor for your institution

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