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The mareep I knitted became my son's "baby," who he has wrapped in a blanket as he carries it around. Here is a picture I took from when my son tucked Baby in cuddled up to my arm.

I found my phone! It was in J's luggage under the clothes.

GoDaddy, Apple, and Google fail to sufficiently RTFM and commit oopsie requiring revocation of perhaps a million security certificates. Oops.

... hypothetically, speaking are there actually any REF-able academic conferences/journals that would be interested in a speculative paper about Ferengi musicology, because I could get a few pages out of this for sure.

Ferengis have been depicted as having very narrow critical bands and have non-tonal speech, so are likely to be able to perceive hundreds of pitches per octave. Their Bark scale would likely have several times as many steps as humans.

Their world is extremely wet, so they would likely rely on reed instruments.

....Yes, of course I was invited to this conference! Obviously this is the paper I submitted! No, this is not an obviously fake moustache! Please turn the projector back on!

I have got to stop leaving my phone muted. It is in this house and I cannot find it. 😑

As Easter is coming up, I'd like to take a moment to say that bunnies are cute but also huge dickheads. They're rarely docile and cuddly and will absolutely destroy everything you love.

They live 10+ years, cost as much as a dog, and need a lot of time and attention. 75% of rabbits in the UK are neglected and many bought at Easter don't even make it to a year old.

Know what you're getting into, or stick with chocolate.

"Artemis Fowl y el misterio del Drarry" what

whAT LMFAO I might read this out of pure morbid curiosity

Was lying down to take a nap and a one-off Artemis Fowl fanfic popped fully-formed into my head. Uh. Whoops? Yay? I have to write it now, oh no.

"In your own words, what would make you a good choice for the first Mars colony?"
"I am near immortal, and superhumanly strong."
"I see. And why do you want to go?"
"The moons of Mars are probably too small to make me turn when they are full."
"I have no other hope."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

And with twenty minutes to spare before the deadline, she's done it! All three fics *and* the art have been successfully uploaded! And the crowd -

Uh, the crowd is wondering why she didn't do all of this work last weekend like she'd planned. And - oh my - she's given the crowd the finger! *Two* fingers!

Well, she may have completed all of the requirements, but I have to say, she wasn't a very good sport about it. And... now she's given *me* the finger as well.

A poor sport indeed.

"is it still fluff if somebody dies" I relate very strongly to this tag omg

I'm just saying, if you're a biomale named Artemis who realizes you're enby, there's... not a whole lot of reason to change it, unless you really hated it or you were throwing away your old life for a new one, you know?

hey apropos of nothing

you don't have to take a new name if you realize you aren't your assigned gender

this is less aimed at people who are trans or enby or whatever and more at people writing characters who are

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