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my mastodon server keeps being excrutiatingly slow about things and I don't know why

i have changed nothing recently

Eeee one of my progens got mentioned in an "epic ancestry" thread as the ancestor of someone's guardian. :blobaww:

trying really hard to come up with a spoof on Aqua's "Barbie Girl" except Country Girl instead and I'm drawing blanks, sadface

There are three kinds of people. When they hear "buy a new car", they think it means...

- a brand new car because that's how their family buys cars

- a newer car than the one they last had or have because their family never buys brand new

- a brand new car because their family never owned a car

Like in LotR CGI, while not new, wasn't old either, so they still had to go out of their way for it to be "buyable" or "believable".

Even by 2012 though people were used to CGI so filmmakers and Peter Jackson don't need to care as much, so they don't

Taking a moment to appreciate @InspectorCaracal - sometimes it's just very reassuring to compare notes with someone who also looks at people and goes, "I can see there's a pattern of behavior here. I'm sure it will become apparent with further anthropological study."
And just general friendship. <3

when making a computer, it is important to remember not to use string instead of wires. wires are the most important part of a computer, and a string is not a wire

I just discovered HTTP Code 418 because of @maple and the fact that this page is Professional Web Development Documentation just delights me on so many levels.

http codes: they exist for a fuckin reason and we don't treat them nearly as seriously as we should

at this time of year?
in this part of the country?
localized entirely within your kitchen?

inside of you there are two wolves. They are called "fursonas," or furry characters members of the furry fandom use to represent themselves both online and in real life. In this video I will


this "two wolves inside you" is one of those many memes where I only see the late-stage forms and have no idea what the source is but unlike most of those

i am curious

what the hell is this two wolves thing

i can't believe ebaumsworld outlived YTMND. what the fuck

okay so I've been thinking about "pokemon are the living embodiments of human cultural concept archetypes" some more and y'all



@venatus "Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra."
"I am Groot."
"Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra!"
"*I* am Groot."
"...Darmok and Jalad on the ocean?"
"I *am* Groot."
"Dathon, his eyes wide."
"I am *Groot*."

@InspectorCaracal Noticing the Shinto influence makes a lot of Pokémon's worldbuilding and themes make more sense.

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